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Pro Linoleic Acid Studies? Talk about Fats, What's Your Stance?

So I noticed that the first article, the summary that gets to the public claims that saturated fat is not really “good” for coronary health, but that it doesn’t look bad because it tends to get replaced with carbs in studies-for example people who replaced sat fat with carbs don’t get reduced risk of CHD.

But what they DID was some kind of meta analysis that shows that the more linoleic acid you get the lower your risk of heart disease. They don’t account for whether the linoleic acid is replacing carbs or saturated fat-basically what they accuse the pro sat. fat studies of doing wrong!

So anyway, someone really really seems to think that increasing linoleic acid in our diets (corn and soybean oil) is going to cut down on heart disease.

Then there is this: http://thepaleodiet.com/omega-3-vs-omega-6-rethinking-hypothesis/#.VpEtyPkrKUk basically the assertion that omega-6 is fine (from an inflammatory standpoint) as long as you get enough omega-3.

Personally I thought the MAIN concern with omega-6s was that they can add oxygen across their double bonds, carry them around the body and thereby cause oxidative stress and damage which ALSO is a problem of too much omega-3s, so maybe you can shut off inflammation which omega-3s, but you also want to avoid too much omega-3s, and use the highest potency (the best combo of DHA and EPA, basically similar to the recommended dose of flameout by the way.

Hmm i’m not sure what my stance is but i think you should mind-jam with Bill Roberts on the subject so we can observe and learn a few things :slight_smile: