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Pro Level Powerlifter, Test E First Cycle


if this has been covered, i apologize as i have attempted to search many times but cant find an exact match. As the title says i am a powerlifter looking to break into a “new level” by doing a 12week cycle of test-e 250 @ 500mg/wk. My goal is similar to nearly every other person but my body composition is quite different. i want to gain maximum strength and keep bf% (growth) to a minimum. For my build i pack on natural muscle quite well and have been strength training for 10 years

Age: 31
Height: 6ft
Weight: 265lbs compete in the RAW 275lbs/125kg class
BF%: est 15-20%
Bench: 410+
Squat: 730 Raw 755 in a suit
Deadlift: 700+
4 time Texas state record holder

Training cycle: (currently) 3 days a week,
Sunday Bench
Tuesday Legs or deadlift
Thur Back

but will increase to 5 days a week (double up muscle groups)
Sunday Bench
Monday OFF
Tuesday Legs or Deadlifts
Wed Chest
Thur Back/Shoulders
Friday Legs

For the record i am aware that adding other compounds will yield better results, but im dipping my toe in to get feel/taste for what its like and what i can achieve.

Current diet was to loose BF% and was on a modified KETO. 3400 cal. 270g Fat 230g Pro 40G CHo…Since KETO and strength gains dont mix i need assistance in Macro adjusting to achieve best growth and minimize too much extra BF. I understand On cycle its gonna get ugly but how do i best manage it for my size? i dont see a lot of 260+ guys on here at my level of lifting and am in need of help

Any and all advice is appreciated


From your success it sounds like you are doing very well with your current methods.
Cycle good for a first cycle. You will become a serious beast after you get several cycles, under your belt and find out what works for you. Good luck…


Nothing at all?


You will probably get some responses tomorrow. Weekends are kinda slow.


Well, this far I’ve gathered 4500 calls 525g carb 315g pro 100g fat.


@flipcollar is a competitive powerlifter and uses gear to assist. Maybe he will give you some advice.


I"m not sure what you’re saying here. I’m also not sure what you’re asking overall, so I think I’ll just respond with what I think you should do regarding this cycle in general.

So first off, a 12 week cycle @ 500/week test is pretty ideal. I would recommend running dbol for the first 5 weeks, anywhere from 25-50mg/ day. But if you don’t do that, no big deal. It’s great for strength purposes, and if you only run it for the first 5 weeks, any water weight you gain from it would be gone by the time you wrap up the cycle.

While on cycle, it will become easier to shed bodyfat, and change body composition favorably. I always get leaner without trying while on cycle, no matter what compounds I run. It just happens, particularly if you don’t change your diet.

I would suggest NOT catering your diet to what you think you should eat on a steroid cycle. You already know how to eat to grow. Keep doing what you’re doing, and establish a baseline for how your body responds to a steroid cycle as far as muscle growth and bodyfat are concerned. Your first cycle should be a learning experience. You can tinker with macros and stuff on future cycles.

You’re a very light 275 lifter, so that’s a good thing. You could easily put on 20 lbs and still not move up a class, and hopefully that will happen on this cycle.

I’m not a 260+ guy. I’m a 200 guy who doesn’t train for powerlifting (I do strongman), but I’ve put up an elite total in the 181 class when I did train for powerlifting, and could do it in the 198 class if I wanted to. So I think my experience should be relevant enough to your situation. The fact is, this isn’t rocket science, so don’t make it out to be that. Eat well, train hard, and the results will come. Drugs will just make those results better :slight_smile: