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I’m 53 LOVE bodybuilding am making some gains but have never been over 165 lbs since high school lift 3 days a week at the Y by myself have a clean record had a recent physical and everything is good have been trying pro-hormones per recommended dosages with one exception only on the days I lift, I have no spleen am on blood pressure med. take depression med. and that’s about it would like some feedback. Blackbird

that was one hell of a run on sentence… no effence, i just felt the need to comment.

I will NEVER tell anyone to go against docs orders. does he know about the “pro-hormones”? I don’t know what effect they could have on you (with your pre-existing conditions and all). please check with and trust your doc. stick with your basic 3x’s per week workouts and you will do fine in the wt. room. just pick one exercise per bodypart and do 2-3 sets of each after warm up, just only train your legs and lower back every other workout. on the days you don’t do legs you can add in neck work or forearm work or something, this is not a MUST it’s just if you would like. if you feel tired of overtrained or something skip a workout and DON’T FEEL BAD, it’s no big deal. you have decided to help yourself and that is GREAT. as far as nutrition, again stick to basics and don’t go crazy. if you are lean then just up cals some, add a protien drink or meal replacement drink, hell if you enjoy a food that you usualy avoid (but not if you avoid it for med. reasons) like a milk shake or something add that. it will give you the extra cals you need (again this is only if you are lean). if you are not lean just keep calories the same and try to add some muscle. don’t be all anal about it and don’t worry about every little thing. you are doing this to improve the quality of your life and if you get carried away it won’t do that. peace and if you have any questions feel free to ask. good luck.

sped, no effence but what is your prob? I don’t know what prob people have when someone asks for advice if you don’t want to give any DON’T. OH, run on BIG DEAL again I ment no effence :slight_smile:

the post was kind of written with a rather commical syntax. lol

There’s a short answer to this question, and its what hetyey said. Your doctor knows best in this circumstance - not us.

If you arn’t able to get over 165 lbs, I would say that your diet is holding you back. Try looking over some of the diet articals in t-mag.