Aright, I’m 17 5’10" 185lbs 14% bf, I have been training for about 2 years seriously and doing my diet and training research since around 12. My question is, what is a good pro-hormone out there, and is it aright for me to use one at this level of my training. I want to know of good ones i.e. Bio-availibility, aromitization etc. Thanks guys.

your way too young! just keep training and eating. by the time your 25 youll be hyoooooooge!

OK, I want to know, honestly, what are the possible side-effects, if I was smart and took something in the best possible way, by the way I am thinkin of T-Bomb, or Mag-10.

Im thinking at 21 I am a little older than you and have come no where close to my genetic limits and at “17 5’10” 185lbs 14% bf," neither have you.(no offense) Trust me dude at your age you will see a big jump up no dout about it but you will also be cheating yourself. If there is no absolute need for you to take anything right now than you should not even risk screwing with your natural hormone levels right now. Since you are still growing and at close to the highest level of natural test that you will ever have you should definantly check out this site to get some new workout routines and to help you dial in your diet a little better. Save hormones for you late 20’s early 30’s when they will be of much better use to you.

No offense but if you were smart the best possible way would be to take P-Dog’s advice and wait. Most of us only wish we were training hard and smart at your age with your natural T levels and recovery ability. Maximize nature before looking to science.

My suggestion would be to familiarize yourself with how to cycle your training. It’s been my experience over the years when one starts looking for something to stimulate more growth and or strength it is usually due to their lack of progress. I know your saying no shit, but sometimes one needs to change their approach to their training. Changing up your routine can have tremendous effect on your strength gains as well as size. This approach may be old news to you folks and if it is I apoligize, but try this, blast your body on Monday and Tuesday and for every movement add the total weight lifted. Come Thursday and Friday only do 60% of what you did at the beginning of the week. Try this and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the strength gains come the following week.

17 is young and your natural T levels are still peaking. I think you should wait. Make sure your diet & training are consistent and keep reading & learning on this site and you will grow…

Yeah, you’re too young. You didn’t really give us much specifics, though. Why do you want to start using exogenous androgens? Has your progress simply stopped? How much progress have you made, and what are your ultimate goals? If your goal is to look like the guy on the cover of Men’s Health, you’re not that far off. If you’re really serious about getting hyooooge, I’d just say start stuffing your face, and lift heavy and often. Your late teens are the best time to grow, not only because it’s easier, but the mass you gain now is gonna stick with you for the rest of your life.

If you really want to know what kind of side effects you’re gonna get, it could shut you down, big time. I don’t really know, but my intuition is telling me that a young person is going to have a tougher time recovering, and may have lower test levels for the rest of their life if they use hormones. Like I said, I don’t really know, so if someone wants to tell me I’m a douche and provide some real scientific knowledge, please do.

Another thing to think about is that prohormones are intended for people with lower endogenous test production, so you’re either going to have to take a double dose, or you may not really see any change. It won’t be enough to get you over what your body makes naturally, get it?

You’ve got a lot of people telling you it’s a bad idea, do you really think it’s worth it?

Typically, most men see their most profound results between the ages of 20 and 25. Wait until after this period to evaluate if you need some “help”. From what you told us, you are trying to learn about training and nutrition, so keep it up and you’ll be a monster by the time your 25.

technically you’re too young, but if you were to use something i’d go with a popper, preferably by pinnacle because they don’t use diones anymore and use a cyclodextrin complex and somewhere on the label it says something about using biotest trademarks. they’re good for a little kick if you need some intensity during a workout or if you’re tired and you can’t get a boner