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I just want to say, please take this post seriously. I have been training hard for about 7 months now and have seen decent gains, but i am now considering pro-hormones. I ran a search and turned up nothing for this question: Besides increasing protien sythesis, what exactly does the added T do? As ignorant as this may sound to some of you - I am really curious as to how Pro-hormones add lean muscle besides the added protien intake? Again, please take this post seriously. Thanks in advance guys,…and have a great New Year!

A search at T-mag (not here at the forum)for “prohormone” will bring up much info. “The Pro-steriod Roundtable” article would be a good place to start.

Body building is composed of two things. Damage and repair. You already know about the increased repair aspect …

The other aspect is damage, and OFTEN (but not always) you increase the damage by increasing the weight lifted. Androgen tend to temporarily increase strength, so that you’re lifting more while “on”