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Pro Hormones


Im 18 and thinking about starting ProHormones. Im a little skeptical tho. I did some research and cant really find out if A) Its safe for me to take at my age and B) what to take and how to cycle it..

Anyone care to provide advice, links etc.?




Go to steroids forum, read sticky

You clearly have done no research if you are asking those questions


I guess ill have to wait 3 more years...


Good lad.


if your waiting for 3 years, take that time and read all you can on hormones, prohormones and steroids. you will soon find out that on the shelf prohormones are actually a quite stupid idea.

do they work? sure they can work.
but for the most part alot of them have horrible sides and the returns you get from these drugs may not be worth it to you enough to try.

just take your time and research dont be dumb like alot of the older fellas that have screwed up in the past.


I wouldn't go that far. Something like P-plex from CEL works well with few sides, and m-drol is great if you are really on top of your supports.


im sure some are cool im saying while he is waiting he can use that time to learn which ones are better for him.
or maybe real AAS is a better choice for him possibly even nothing.
its all in the research.
main reason IMO to wait though is to allow the endocrine system to mature first.
there's just really no justifiable reason I can see to use anything at all until then.
only reason why someone as young as him wants to jump on the Prohormone bandwagon is impatience.


I agree he should wait, I'm just saying phs aren't a terrible option that they are sometimes portrayed as.


your 18 stay away from pro hormones........eat exactly what your username is. and eat a lot of it..


So I did alotta research and found out that a big problem that could arise is my endocrine system fucking up. So I realize that was a stupid post I made. But I was wondering, would someone even know if theyve messed this up? It doesnt seem like they would, thats why I see teens all over the net saying it worked fine for them.


Plenty of people do heroine too and it "works" fine.

introducing exogenous hormones to a developing endocrine system is a recipe for disaster.

What you do now, you have to live with for the rest of your life. You may feel differently when your 35.


Well the people saying it worked fine may be right. But there is also the possibility that the negative effects really start to become noticeable a few months down the line. It's hard to say because you don't even know if the people reporting a successful cycle even know the signs of endocrine system damage. It is in your best interest to know something about the source of your information.


There are a lot of different kinds of PH's and designer steroids. Some are a lot better than others with regards to side effects and potential long term effects. It is not wise to categorize all OTC anabolics the same way. Something else to consider when reading testimonials.


I think that if there is immediate 'damage' then the signs are not easily ignored - i couldn't ignore impootence, dunno about you.

All to often however it is that when one does a suppressive hormone cycle before the HPTA is fully matured - it seems to 'bring forward' the eventual ED issues that may well have arisen naturally in later life.

I personally think it may be that when the HPTA is shutdown before it matures fully, it tends to recover afterwards but does not manage to get to the same level of output it once would have if left uninterrupted. This will leave a level of natural test that is lower than it could have been naturally - which isnt too noticeable when one is 15-25 and output is the highest, but as it begins to naturally decline, the shortcoming becomes very obvious.

This may not be the case but it is my own personal take on what the 'damage' may be from.
I do know that something happens to the output of the HPTA that is often seen as delayed, whether my theory is correct or not - it isnt a good idea to inhibit ones HPTA before it is fully matured.

Shit, for many men it isnt a good idea to inhibit the HPTA full stop, as their steroidal hormone production simply cannot recover again once suppressed.




I have been contacted by a number of guys, 19-22 who have the T levels of an eighty year old; with matching sex drive. More often then not they played with some of the new [post-ban] promones.