Pro Hormones & Water Retention

I am currently in the second week of a three week cycle of prohormones (unfortunately Mag-10 is hard to find in Canada so I had to settle for 1-Ad and the 4AD spray stack.)

I am noticing some considerable gains in both muscle and water (12 lbs so far in 10 days).

My stats now are 5"10 225 about 16% BF

I am eating 5400 cals a day as per the Massive Eating Plan (P+F & P+C) with my macros as:
Protein 55% carbs 30% fat 15%.

I am doing the Growth Surge workout program and actually adding a couple of sets as i have a ton of energy in the weight room.

I think the excessive water retention mosty in the abdominal/trunk area is due to the fact that I had been on a keto program of fairly resticted carbs (30 grams or less per day) for 8 months and now my body may be reating to the increase in carbs.

I now use Surge with each workout (1 scoop during & 1 after x twice a day).

I am consuming about 325 grams of complex carbs a day from the following sources:

Oatmeal (rolled oats0
Wild Rice

I drink plenty of fluids all day and during workouts and also use creatine.

Is there anything I can do to prevent/remove this excess water retention that is making me looking really puffy/bloated.

I will be taking Tribex and M on my off cylce and that will hopefully help with this problem. I would appreciate any advice on how to minimize this problem in the future.

Thanks everyone.

Well really you answered your own ?.

The rteason you are holding so much water is from the prohormone, going straight from a restricted carb diet to a massive eating cycle including many carbs, and the use of creatine. All of these is leading you to holding water, as well as all the food in your gut holding more water. Fiber from the carbs holds water weight also.


I would say just live with it. It will go away when you come of the prohormones. But, a good herbal diuretic is Dandelion Root, it works very well. It also naturally contains a high amount of potasium so you won’t have to worry about it messing up you electrolytes, or causing any cramps.

Make sure that you are drinking a least a gallon of water a day,squeeze a lemon in your gallon jug in the morning,it will increase the diuretic effect and also the Dandelion Root 3 times a day.This will defenitly help you shed “water weight”.Also,make sure that you have cut your sodium intake.

Lemon water is the bomb. I started using lemon juice in all my water (I drink about 1-1.5 gallons a day) and any excess water in my system is gone in 1-2 days.