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Pro-Hormones vs. Steroids

Back when Pro-Hormones were legal, everyone always gave the advice to use PH’s over steroids. Now that PH’s are illegal, Im getting told that using PH’s is the wrong route. That you would be much better off (safer, better gains, same risks etc.) using steroids…

So whats the deal?

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Absolutely agree with bush boy. I actually had more issues with pro hormones then with steroids, limp dick and frequent urination to name a few.

Any other thoughts?

Well… Depending upon what kind of sources you have you can probably get AAS at a cheaper price than PHs. At least, I can…

I do agree with everyone in that I got my negative side effects from PHs too. I took some M1T and I had THE worst back cramps EVER after doig a couple sets of power cleans… I mean it felt like my erectors were going to blow up…

Obviously the harsher more androgenic steroids like anadrol and dbol are going to elicit the most side effects. From what I’ve experienced, as long as you’re not consuming massive amounts of adult beverages on a cycle and you’re taking anti-estrogens and DHT blockers for your hair line the high androgens aren’t that bad…


Id have to say…


I took 4Ad and 1 Test and I got some decent results. Then my buddy introduced me to Trenbbolone and Sustanon and booy oh booy they were much much better. I then did a cycle of Dbol and Sustanon and Tren and I had some problems with the Dbol, it turned me into a nutcase. So now I stay away from Dbol and I havent had any other problems.

Im currently doing a small cycle of Test Propionate and Methyltestosterone (simpley because these two drugs are legal where I am living) and Ive had no problems. Im a happy camper. Much happier then if I were eating ProHormones.

Cy, you have any thoughts on this??? I would love to hear them.


I have never taken AAS, but recently took a PH and gained 14lbs in three weeks. I had PRs in all the major three lifts.

The sides were no that bad. My back felt as if it were asleep(back pumps?) but I could still lift heavy on the back.

Also dehydration was a factor, but after the first week I got used to it.

So PHs definately work.