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Pro-hormones/steroirds and Contests

I’m getting prepared for my first contest and I want to take pro-hormones or pro-steroids like 1-AD or Mag-10. I used to take Biotest’s Mag-10, but I was told it takes four months to get out of your system and it will come up positive on a contest steroid test. I am 10 weeks out and would like to know what I can and cannot take. Also, if I should stop taking 4 days before just in case, etc … Thank you.

Who runs the contest? A lot bodybuilding contest are delt w/ lie dector test very few piss test… The only natrual Bodybuilding shows that do really good piss test is the musclemaina shows… I know that for a fact because one of my clients / friend went from not placing in the lightweight class to placing 5th because of steriod dection in other contestent he really should have competed in the bataman weight class but since we rarely weigh him I go by how he looks in the mirror not on how much he weighs… So he competed lightweight division this year…

hey fitone, i didnt know there was a batman weight class. lol.

why are you taking stuff that is banned? I think thats called cheating… why dont you go in a non tested event and take whatever you want.
some 19nor andro have popped up over a year after taking (according to the athletes tested…)