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Pro hormones for women

Hi, I am a 31 year old women in very good shape, looking to add a lil more muscle via pro hormones. I was wondering what forms (19’s,5’s,nors,diols,diones,)would be the best for me. I have my diet dialed in and my training right on. Now it’s time to step it up a notch! thank you

Unless you’re prepared to live with any male side effects, I wouldn’t recommend the prohormones. They could cause deepening of the voice and increased body hair among other side effects.

Also, if you decide to go against advice and try a prohormone, be sure to stay away from any of the “diones.”

Maybe some of the T-mag crew could make suggestions on other supplements that might help you take it up a notch.

In my opinion, Methoxy-7 works very well for women.

Although prohormones are very popular I am still unconvinced about their effectiveness. Not only that but some of their side effects (many andro products have steriod like side effects) What I would recomend first and formost in the prohomone dept. is 19 nor. this has a very anobolic effect, but little androgenic, thus also less side effects. What I would also recoment is a ZMA supplement. I have had quite good results on it(Twinlab), however it took about a week and half till I noticed any results. Also you have to take it every night, and make sure and not take it with any calucium products or containing foods(magnisium and calcium compete for receptor cites). Although I assume you have a good diet I will mention it anyway, make sure you are eating 5-6 times a day, getting protein in each meal. Good luck and let me know how it turns out. kent

Actually, Nate, the “diones” are fine for women. They are not as androgenic as the “diols.” For a female, the best and safest “prohormones”(whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean) are androgens such as DHEA and Norandrostenedione. However, as you said, females should avoid all androgens. Even DHEA can cause virilization, especially of the skin.

Sorry to be late with the reply; seems the guys are trying to dissuade you. Don’t listen to them. The 19-Nor versions are super for women, even better than they are for men. Besides, you need very little so a bottle of Nandrosol will go a very long way. I started with 7 sprays; my next cycle will reduce it to 5. Keep in mind more is not better. I’ve been using 19-Nor-dione and diol for over 2 years with no problems. Of course, I have cycled properly and am very careful not to use too much. My only concern for you is your age. First of all you will probably require more of a dose than I to overcome your natural estrogen levels (I’m 58). But what really concerns me is your age. If you are contemplating having children (or any more children), I’d hold off until after you end your reproductive life. No point in messing up your hormone profile. Not that this would happen, but since no one really knows for sure, why take the chance. If you’re done with this part of your life or don’t intend to have kids, then experiment with the 19-Nor. Unfortunately the mainstream BB mags and sites (this one included) just don’t want to go near this subject. Before he died, Dan Duchaine told me he thought this was a huge joke on the prohormone manufacturers because they actually developed a supplement that was better for women, when used properly, of course.

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