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Pro Hormone Questions

Hey everyone, I just have a few questions and if anyone could help that would be awesome.
So when i was 17 i took a PH (pheragen) for Sports in high school, it helped alot i gained 20 pounds of pure muscle my weights went up ridiculously, overall i feel bad for taking it to perform better in sports but i cant take back the past, i know it was dumb to take it at such a young age and mess around with my hormone levels when my test levels are already high at that age, i was just impatient and really stupid ill admit that.

but now im 19 and ive been dieting hard and working out hard but i just feel like i need that extra push or help to gain muscle and be stronger. soo what would you guys suggest im already taking creatine and other supplements, but would you guys suggest taking a t-booster? maybe a natural one were i dont need pct? Because i dont know if this is true but one of my friends said when you take a PH at such a young age your levels are basically fucked up the rest of your life and wont go back to normal, so if that is true what would you guys suggest to use?

t-booster maybe another PH even though i dont hink i would ever want to again until im older like 25ish… any help will be awesome thank you guys!

Just an educated guess, but I don’t think one cycle of PH is going to permanently damage your hormone production.

I also don’t think a 19 year old needs to take a T Booster. I’m sure you havn’t exhausted all your natural gains yet. Why not find a diet and work the diet first. I am willing to bet your diet and supplementation is not spot on. Start with that.

From personal experience by going down the road of PH and Test. You will always be chasing the results you had with PH. They are anabolics and the gains are great but short lived. The results you get from improved diet and hard work last a lot longer.

[quote]calebsmitty wrote:
Just an educated guess, but I don’t think one cycle of PH is going to permanently damage your hormone production.


False. One cycle of anything, especially at that age, when his endocrine system is still in its developmental stages, could absolutely permanently fuck up his hormone system for the rest of his life, especially if he did not follow proper PCT. I agree with the rest of your post though.

OP, the only way to truly determine whether your hormone levels are within normal ranges is to get a blood test that specifically tests for these hormones. I would talk to my doctor about this and make sure I get a full hormone profile.

ok thank you very much fellas ill strictly diet and get back to you all!

If I had a dime for every time someone said: “It can’t be my training or diet, those are perfect already.” I’ll even give you the benefit of the doubt, maybe you are working hard. This means you need to get SMARTER about your approach rather than turn to drugs.

They are not for kids. PERIOD. These drugs interrupt the natural change that is puberty, and the damage can be permanent as mentioned before.

i dont remeber saying my diet was perfect… its far from so reword that.

True, you said: “dieting hard”. But if your diet is “far from,” then why aren’t you making tweaks there?

I don’t recall ever saying I wasn’t “tweaking it” Im always trying to make my diet perfect and better then ever. Same with my supplement plan.

Alright thank you for that, very interesting. I didn’t do to much research on it when I took it which i regret cause im sure I could of got better gains out of it.