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Pro Hormone Help!

I am looking into taking a pro hormone while in my bulk this winter i will be 21 in march of 2014 and have been lifting for a little over 1 year i have went from 120 to 145 lbs at a decent 8 percent bodyfat. i know its a little early but i am looking to take something that i will make solid gains on not a bunch of water, and i will keep the gains after cycle. i would appreciate some advice so much thanks.


You will be wasting your time and see nary a result for it.

Try this for the next two years. Do only compound lifts after you warm up. The big three are squats, dead lifts and bench press. Pick the days you want and even every other day if you put in a lot of volume (10 sets or more of eight-twelve reps) You can also do split routine where morning you do one group of muscles evening a different group.

Give yourself rest days. You grow when your body is at rest. Get eight-ten hours of sleep. Eat a slow digesting casein protein (milk cottage cheese etc…) before you go to bed.

Don’t workout longer than an hour. Testosterone levels drop after about an hour of intense lifting and cortisol (a hormone that destroys muscle) increases. This also makes it harder to get rid of fat. More is not always better. Just make sure your workouts are intense.

You might want to add some more beef liver, salmon, eggs, milk, chicken, steak, tuna fish, sardines, fat free cottage cheese, fat free plain yogurt, black beans, kidney beans, almonds, walnuts ,almond butter and several protein shakes before you give it all up.

(you want a variety of amino acids from different foods to help your body repair cells at a maximum level)

Eating is a skill set. It takes practice. You are in a rut. Tape a picture of Fat Albert on your ceiling. Get yourself out of the rut by remembering you won’t grow if you don’t eat like Fat Albert.

The reasons you are not larger can be legion. Too many variables to count so try to keep things simple. Eat well. Train intensely but not too long. Rest days in between the larger volume workouts. Sleep eight-ten hours every night. Be patient (very difficult at your age)

Most don’t want to accept this is a lifestyle measured in years and decades not weeks and months so don’t worry about your weight or what you look like for now.

There may be better lifters in the world but there’s only one you. DEAL with making you the best you, that YOU CAN BE. Period.

And don’t play with blasting caps or prohormones.

thanks for the advice conservative dog but i actually just started incorporating everything u said a little over a month ago and i will say it has been working great , anyway so you guys dont think i should take anything even when i do turn 21 ?

Don’t take prohormones. Spend that money on meat and potato’s.

i appreciate all the advice but guys im not an expert but i do know what to eat and to eat ALOT and that heavy compound movements are great all i am asking for is pro hormone advice.

Your getting it, don’t use them.

have you ever taken them ?

Not many people around here have much love on prohormones, and for good reason.

They are very harsh on your body with mediocre effects while safety and pct protocol will require you to find drugs that you can’t buy OTC anyway such as an AI, a SERM, and if you really want to be safe HCG.

Many younger people with little experience or understanding gravitate towards prohormones and when they develop gyno symptoms or their system shuts off after are unable to figure out why and set themselves back further than forward, and again the solution to these problems involve the aforementioned drugs, which if you can acquire you can probably acquire actual injectables.

If you want to take drugs, wait until you are willing and able to do the real deal, its substantially safer and more effective. Needles aren’t that scary.

Besides, at a weight of 145, you got plenty of room to grow before you need to push the envelope, if you can’t eat enough to grow at that weight, you will have little hope of retaining any gains from drugs regardless. Its still biology, not black-magic, and the first law of thermodynamics still wins.

CMI that is a great ansr thank you for the advice does anyone have any good recomendations on a training split ? im bulking and was think a full body split like the old school guys did i have been doing 5 and 4 day splits so far.

Please don’t do it man. Let your system mature a little bit more first for another couple years. I know it sucks waiting but it is what it is. You don’t wanna end up unable to recover and have no other option but TRT at a young age just for some mild gains.

Split routines vary from person to person.

I do push/pull/legs 2x per week with 1 day rest. My workouts are quite lengthy (2.5-3.5 hrs), leading with max squats and bench on those days, and I include abs, arms, and shoulders on my upper body days. My primaries rarely change (Bench, Pullups, heavy unilateral rows, Squats, dealifts and hip-thrusters/glute-bridges) and my ancillaries include variants of the primaries with hypertrophy and power movements that change periodically. I also really enjoy using a reverse band set-up for squats bench and deadlift in order to get big working sets at a heavy weight.

Some people do dedicated arm or shoulder days and things like that, find one you like, and more importantly one you can recover from adequately. If you need more than a couple days to recover a bodypart, or wish to focus a certain area consider 4 or 5 day type splits or more rest days.

I don’t care for full body training as I feel you can’t get enough volume in for individual parts. The big moves are certainly important, but for BB purposes isolation moves have their place too.