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Pro-Hormone Help!


I have posted an article at a prior time in regards to this but I'm honestly not familiar with pro-hormones or steroids enough to fully grasp it.

I have had friends benefit well from taking a supplement called sustadrol. From what research I've gotten, the components are supposedly clones of halodrol, superdrol, and pheraplex. I would greatly appreciate any and all information I can get. Also any books to reference or website info to reference would be appreciated as well.

In a nutshell I would like to pack on more than what I got. I've been doing the HIT by Ellington for the past 5 weeks FYI (first 2 weeks were cutting and I lost around 12 lbs, but I've gained a little back).


Check out the Steroid forum here



Read stickies.


I wish T-Nation had a filter that would automatically convert the word "pro-hormone" to steroid just for the sake of clarity of what those OTC supplements really are. (in contrast to previous ones that were different)


You didn't list any stats, but I suspect you have a lot of growing left before you should consider assistance.

If however, you don't have the patience, at the very least stay away from products containing multiple steroids. A little more mass isn't worth the greatly increased likelihood of sides. Phera and superdrol are both more that strong enough compounds on their own.

And a major ditto on reading the stickies.


sorry 'whotookmyname'
I'm 26 years old 6'3 and just dropped down after that cut to around 208ish I'm back at around 212. I've been reading up on some of the stuff but it seems I gotta sort thru a lotta stuff that doesn't pertain to me to get one sentence that slightly resembles a concern. If in fact these are 'clones' how can companies continue to fly under the radar with manipulations of compounds? The two friends who took them as well seemed to be fine, not saying there were no underlying concerns/problems but with products like that should there be a PCT? If so what would be the ideal set up?


Not sure exactly what you mean by "fly under the radar with manipulations of compounds"? These are quasi-legal products, essentially due to gaps in the way that supplements are regulated. They can be banned at any time, and if the gub'ment feels that producers blatantly ignored the spirit of current regulations, they might even get in trouble...

Superdrol for example, is methylated masteron; both masteron and the methylated version of it were developed a few decades ago by the same pharm (Syntex, incidentally the same company that developed the birth control pill.) It was "re-discovered".

When we talk of "clones", we're just talking about more than one company producing the same chemical product but under different names. That may involve patent / licensing issues, but I doubt it as most of these companies are smaller than you might think, and they want to stay out of the courthouse.

And yes, a SERM PCT of course with any of these products. Liver support before, during and after your cycle, too.


Thanks man. I appreciate it