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Pro-hormone effectiveness

Could someone comment on effectiveness of following compounds:
5 alpha androstanediol

Why don’t you type those words into the T-mag and T-forum search engines? No offense, maybe you’re new to T-mag, but it always amazes me that people would rather post a question and wait on an answer than just type the word into the search engine and find the answer in 5 minutes. Tip: Try the search engine at T-mag first (to get the experts opinions) then in the forum.

A useful post can be turned up with
a search on:<>


Because of variances in naming, typing
in an entire name might not work.

The second is described in the post that
that search will turn up. The first is
a compound which is not a useful anabolic,
but which has potent effect on the prostate
and hair loss, so it’s not a good compound
at all.

5-Diol is crap, 4-Dione is crap. 4-Diol and Nor4-Diol, are good. MMMMM. Check T-mag past articles for a more “in depth” review…