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Pro Hormone Cycle While on TRT?


is it ok to run a pro hormone cycle (while on depo-test 300 mg once a month) since someone said my nuts are shut down from the depo-test anyways?


if you are not on a stable treatment plan yet (i.e. - your current monthly injection!!!!), and are still experiencing issues, why would you want to throw yet another uncontrollable variable into the mix?


300mg once a month..As crazy as that is, I'm assuming you're honest. Use 400mg per month at no less than 100mg weekly. Your doc (assuming rx'd) has a hat made from a jackass.

I would get something to keep your nuts "up to date" if I were you, but ultimately it's personal preference. PH's are toxic but I've used them a few times. Don't go too crazy with how long you run the stuff and your risk is no greater than anyone else's.


what do u mean by getting something to keep my nuts up to date? also, this might sound like a retarded question but, am i still able to have kids? apparently my doc is an idiot, because she didnt explain any of this to me. i didnt realize the TRT would shut me down, i just thought it would help boost my natural test. ugh.... im thinking about running a 4 week hdrol cycle, then jumping on the nolva PCT and seeing if i can get my nuts goin again, and get off the TRT.


"up to date" - I meant getting a SERM like Nolva, etc. to bring the size back. If you haven't been on TRT very long you likely (definitely?) have nothing to worry about.


ive been on it probably about 7 months