Pro-Hormone Cycle Advice

If i were to run a pro-hormone cycle what exactly would be the ideal supplements i would need to take?
Never ran a cycle before and I am having trouble understanding what exactly would be the right things to take.

I’m 175lbs about 5’9" and around 6~7%BF

Any help is really appreciated! Thanks

did you read the sticky?

Why are they always 6-7% BF

Try expanding your question. What pro-hormone? What supplements were you thinking about? Why are you trying to get to such extremely low bodyfat %'s?

I am not trying to get to an even lower BF. I just want to put on some mass. Excess BF is fine with me.

I basically want to do a bulk with a pro hormone cycle.

I have been thinking about H-drol or I had someone recommend tren (I believe that is what it is called).
I basically want to know what the right supplements would be to take, as in PCT and pre cycle supplements. And when what would be the right times to take each supplement.

Read the stickied thread that covers a lot of information over PH/DS. Beyond that, the additional supplements should be whatever you normally take plus a PCT for your PH endeavor. Just a bit of advice, I would stay away from tren based products. It will really produce minimal mass gains and put you at much more risk to gyno related sides than some of the other compounds in my opinion.


The Prohormone sticky is 31 pages long.

I have made many extensive posts in that thread, if you have read most of it and still have questions it means you didnt actually read it…but at that point you are welcome to PM me.