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Pro-Hormone Ban and Existing Supply

When the FDA banned prohormones back in January, what legal impact did it have on a consumers existing stock? Is it a federal offense to even posess these, or are existing stocks grandfathered in and only new sales are illegal?

well, i haven’t seen the updates in the law yet, but apparently they are considered controlled substances (class III, along with AAS). however, unless you’re advertising them and selling a ton, nobody is gonna no if you have some left over.

This is that my EX told me and she works for U.S customs. As long as you do not have a huge stock pile and are not trying to send it over seas thier is not proble have a few btls. No one is going to come knocking on your door.

Yeah, from the discussions around here there was no grandfathered ownership or anything.

However, they aren’t going to investigate every house in America to find out who has some left over.

from what she said their it is no big deal for now but give it time then you will start seeing people getting in trouble for it. For now it really is not a problem As long as you dont have a shit load put away and selling it. you should not have any problems.

Something I was never clear about: was the sale of PH banned, or sale and possession banned?

Sounds like it’s time to start keeping my MAG-10 stash in a Biotest box that says “Return to Sender”

anyone looking for a few bottles pm me. I might just have what your looking for.

That’s smart as all hell, 6foot6… sourcing class III controlled substances on a very public open forum.