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I was flipping through a magazine and saw an add for a product called Pro-hGH made by Nutraceutics. I was currious about its affects on Growth Hormone production so I did some research. I found that it enhances your body’s own production of Growth Hormone and its conversion to IGF-1. Is this product worth it? Or does it only have an effect on the elderly? It states that they did research on young bodybuilders with positive results as far as muscle mass and fat loss. I guess I am just curious to see what you guys thought of the product since I had never seen it before. Thanks.

I don’t know anything about this particular brand (although I hear that pretty much all HGH releasers are bullshit), but I do know that most of these ads tout some pretty amazing results (usually in the elderly). Problem is, the posted results are all based on people who actually received injections of real GH, not of the stuff they’re selling you. Big difference.

I might not be 100% accurate on that, but that’s my understanding so far. In short, save your money.

See the T-mag article called “Dirty Tricks”. This sounds like the usual GH scam, as Tyler said.