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Pro HcG Links/Studies

I’ve sent my Doc a few links on Hcg, and have another appointment with him in a week.

He was uninspired, or didn’t care to read/learn about them, and for whatever reason is diverting whenever I try and talk about adding Hcg to my Trt program.

I asked about this in my case study thread as well, I was hoping to find some links that I wasn’t able to find on my own and present this to him. Has anyone else had some good success with winning the Pro Hcg battle with a hesitant doctor?

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Full text: http://press.endocrine.org/doi/full/10.1210/jc.2004-0802

What do we learn from this?

TRT shuts down LH/FSH
We learn that 250iu hCG EOD is a replacement dose for LH.

I just wrote this:

We know that LH/FSH [HPTA] shutdown typically leads to shrinking testes and that this can over time lead to irreversible degradation and fertility problems. This can also lead to a dull 24x7 dull ache in the testes. Sexual self image can suffer as testes shrink and the the scrotum pulls up tight giving one the impression of a prepubescent boy. This also affects how one is perceived by one’s sexual partner. When hCG is added to TRT, the aching is quickly resolved and the testes can recover form and function over a period of a few weeks - if LH deprivation has not created irrecoverable damage.

In younger males, with healthy testes, cases of secondary hypogonadism can be resolved with 250iu hCG SC/SQ EOD. With older males, hCG will restore testicular health, but typically the amount of T created is not sufficient and T+hCG is required.

There are alternatives. One can take a SERM and the top end of the HPTA can be expected in many cases to create LH/FSH that can resolve TRT induced HPTA shutdown. However, these are drugs. We can avoid foreign chemicals by taking hCG as a replacement for LH. hCG is a human hormone and all males are awash with hCG during the first months in the womb. The beta subunit of hCG actives LH receptors the same as LH itself. hCG is safe, effective and affordable, however costs have greatly increased over the last few years. Injecting LH would seem to be a better solution. LH is not generally available and is otherwise very expensive and confined to research. LH has a very short half-life an effective injection protocol might be difficult. hCG has a long half-life that allows for injecting every-other day.

For reasons unknown. Males on TRT to have had HPTA shutdown for a few months, report a improvement in mood and well-being when they start the suggested 250iu hCG SC EOD. This suggests that LH activity is important in the male brain and that hCG supports mental function. hCG is safe and effective.

The testes product pregnenolone, the foundation for all steroid hormones, including cortisol and others. HPTA shutdown can reduce pregnenolone levels and in some cases, one can observe the expected consequential drop in DHEA-S levels.

Denying hCG can lead to mood problems, damaged sexual self-image, how one is sexually regarded by women, pain and disfigurement.

So what are the side effects? In a few males [rare], their testes are quite sensitive to hCG and large amounts of intratesticular free testosterone [ITT]can be axiomatized to estradiol [T–>E2]. This is seen as unexpected increases in serum E2. And in that case, anastrozole can be ineffective as that competitive drug can’t compete with high ITT. In these situations the dose is simply reduce to a point where the testes maintain physical form and E2 levels are manageable. If by chance a patient does not feel well with hCG, they can stop taking it if they cannot find a dose that is beneficial. That situation is rare.

There really are no compelling reasons to not use hCG with testosterone replacement therapy. There can be some cost issues and insurance coverage issues. Many men will be glad to pay for hCG out-of-pocket if it makes a large difference in quality of life.

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