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Pro Gaming: Sport or Not A Sport


While playing Halo 3, guy on my team talked about how the only sport he was into was MLG. Major League Gaming. And immediately told him that it isn't a sport. He replied with Poker being one and I said, No, its not a sport.

Anyway, question for everyone here. Pro Gaming: Sport or an excuse to sit down all day, not break a sweat, and get paid for it?

If it showed up on ESPN 3, would you watch or boycott.


No way it's a sport... but I don't even consider baseball a sport... anything you can competently do while chewing tobacco is not a sport...


sport |spôrt|
1 an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment

-Oxford American Dictionary

skill? yes. physical exertion? no.
not a sport, a contest of skill


Many's an offensive lineman has played with a plug of tobacco....and actually...I could play hockey all day with just a pinch between the cheek and gum...


Not a sport, it's a game.

Baseball is a game, golf is a game. Just like video games, they require tremendous amounts of skill to be in the elite, but they're not sports.

Football is a sport. Hockey, soccer, basketball, lacrosse. Those are all sports.



So where are the rest of the entries?


I love how people like to make up their own definition for what is or isn't a sport. Some people seriously act offended when certain activities are labeled as sports. Who cares?


Definitely not a sport.

And, would I watch if it was on TV? No. I'd rather play the games myself than watch someone else play.

ESPN had a show called "Madden Nation" a few months ago that had a bunch of tools on a bus playing the game for $100,000 in prizes. I watched 5 min. and turned it off.


Cup Stacking is more of a sport than poker.


Not a sport. It involves strictly a mental prowess, while a sport involves a finite competition involving some athletic skill.

Baseball and golf are certainly sports, you're competing against one another based upon specific physical skills. Being relatively non-violent does not relegate them to being 'games', that's ridiculous. Baseball has pretty much all the same characteristics as football but without the contact and time constraints.


That's because watching Madden sucks!! I actually enjoy watching people play first-person shooters, which is what the gaming leagues consist of for the most part.


What if you're playing a sport on the game system ? sport or game ?

What if you were like playing Madden football with professional football players...would that make any difference? Like if you could tell your friends Peyton Manning and Brett Favre came over to hang out and play video games with you....would that be like more of a sport than your buddy's church league softball game he spent the night before playing?

What about fishing? Like...is fishing a sport if you're on a big boat and some guy baits your hook and gaffs the fish for you? What if you're stranded at sea with a bunch of other guys and you've got to all compete over the fish? What if the fish are sharks ?

How much do uniforms enter into the game vs. sports debate? Like...if poker players wore matching uniforms..would it be a sport ? What if baseball players switched to wearing those little panties and polo shirts golfers wear ? Would it no longer be a sport ?

Anyone have any real weird friends growing up that honestly wanted to be sportscasters and insisted on interviewing everyone after the neighborhood sandlot baseball game ?


I've seen it on tv already. Can't remember if it was ESPN or not though.


This is really a pointless question. There are multiple definitions of a sport and using them we can make almost any type of activity a sport. One definition from dictionary.com:

3. diversion; recreation; pleasant pastime.

In my opinion, to determine if an activity is a sport one should ask themselves, "If I was faster, stronger, or quicker (i.e. more athletic) would I be better at this activity?"

If you can answer yes, then it's a sport.


To play devil's advocate, I have read an interesting definition of sports (and I am searching for a link) that basically said a sport is an athletic competition in which the results are measurable and the method of measuring is easily repeatable.

This would mean things like track & field, swimming, weightlifting, and other competitions based on time or distance are sports.

Football, baseball, basketball, etc. are all just games, since the competition is always different you can never directly compare the results from two different games.

I'm not saying I agree, but it was an interesting point.


Wow, that means SEX is a sport too....

I'm going for the GOLD baby!!!


Not according to Carlin. Running around a field with a net on the end of a stick is a faggoty college activity, not a sport.

I actually like lacrosse but thought it was funny.


Watching people play a "sport" game is incredibly bland, clearly the vast majority would rather watch the real thing.


Well, it does require lots of skill, coordination and dexterity so it COULD be considered a sport. Of course it depends on the game, but first person shooters require great reflexes, accurate coordination and really fast hand movement. And it does raise your heart rate.


In pairs or individual?