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Pro Evo 5 Or Fifa 2005?


I know their is a strong anglosaxon/ European contigent on the site. So would you go for Fifa 2005 or Pro Evo 5?

Personally I think pro evo kicks Fifa's ass. Fifa is too easy and is not like real football, or for the benefit of you yanks "soccer." The Pro evo engine is also inventive meaning you can't score the same goal twice, whereas FIFA is more often than not scoring similar, almost identical goals. Whilst I achnowledge that FIFA has made a huge improvement with 05' it is still nowhere near pro evo standars.

What d'you guys think?


Which system or is it for a PC? I have never played Pro Evo, but I've read good things about FIFA '06, especially for XBox and XBox 360.


I have FIFA 2006 for PS2, and I love it. I have not played Pro Evo though. FIFA made huge improvements with this version with a better transfer window allowing you to search for players by name, which is great. I think the gameplay is okay, and it is challenging at world class level. Personally, I am a huge fan of it and play it a little more often than I should.


Pro Evo is called Winning Eleven here in the States. And it blows FIFA out of the water.