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Pro Cycles, Do You Really Want to Know?


I am lucky enough to have some IFBB pro's train at the gym we go to. Have talked to one of them on and off over the past year, he's really a nice guy who seems to have his shit together.

Anyways, somehow drugs came up. We were talking about the recent ironman and he tells me "bro, you have no clue how much some of those guys are taking"

So, I ask how much. "think 12,000mgs per week of total anabolics, plus over 20IU's of GH and 90 units of slin per day"

Fucking unreal! Somehow, now I don't feel bad about my useage. That my friends is abuse.

Also, please don't ask or guess who my "friend" is. Guy is cool enough to share this stuff with me and I don't want to make an asshole out of him, just had to share that with someone else who understands it!



Isnt the saturation of AR around ~2g or so? Unless they are taking 9g in class II that seems either pointless or wasteful to say the least.


Interesting... although I'm sure it varies from person... We all react differently to different things...

Did he mention what his basic precontest/off season cycle(s) consist of?


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Yes, he did make a point that was the extreme and he knew of only 2 or 3 guys pushing it that hard. He didn't really go into what others were using.

The numbers I mentioned were bulking from the sounds of it.


Any chance you could get the breakdown of how much of each compound he was using? I know it's asking a lot, but I'm genuinely curious as to how 12g's of anabolics a WEEK would breakdown.


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Thats some crazy stuff. The only thing that you wrote that I never even thought of was the implants on various bodyparts. Some of this stuff makes me feel a little differently about the sport I love. Did your friend say how many of the pro's used crack and meth? Is it all of them? How do they battle the addiction after the contest?


One of them gets his blood "cleaned" once a year, checks into a
clinic for a week and (from what he explained) gets his blood
replaced completly with doner blood over the course of a week on a
dialasis machine!



I read that but am wondering what the rest of them do. Crack and meth are pretty addictive drugs to just give up.


I knew about the implants as my friends and family members are plastic surgeons who have done that stuff before, but the crack and meth is totally out of the blue.

Sorry but winning isn't worth doing crack and meth IMO.


Hey man, no pain no gain. :slight_smile:


Damn!!! I love bodybuilding with all my heart. It is the pinnacle of all sports, fusion of an art and performance. But let's face it, last 10-15 years it is a pure shame!!! Mr. Olympia became a zoo. No, zoo would still be more elegant! It is a show for experimental barn animals and nothing more.


Channeling your inner 17 year old female gossip machine much?? LOL

That is some wild info but it kind of leads me to believe that the human body is astonishlingly resilient. Actually I guess we won't know that until these guys start passing away (sorry I don't know of a less crude way to express that thought)


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Wow that is crazy. I can't believe people go that far, insane. . .

I would be interesting in finding out if ronnie or jay ever got any implants. 7 out of the top 10 guys at the olympia this year had implants of some sort? Geez.


Line up a chain of 20 people and tell person one a story and I guarantee that by the time it reaches the person at the end of the line it's going to be completely different.

Thats my take on it anyways.

Not saying there isn't some f*cked up stuff going on at the pro level and even amateur level in bodybuilding, but I think that a story of one person using meth as a fat burner could easily escalate into a rumor that all pro bodybuilders in fact crack out just prior to a show...

my opinion of course and not knocking anybody who believes or says otherwise :wink: