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Pro-Card Daydreamin. 5'7'' 161 @ Approx 8%


When I was 18, in tennis class - gym day, a heartless bitch laughed at me while I benched my piddly weights right next to our high school's star football player; Mike Edwards. He said "Don't pay attention to her man." Nice guy. Being in an awkward stage of life combined with being the sensitive little dude that I was in High school, I took her cruelty personally as well as deeply.

I happen to meet a guy in my vocational school who was very much into bodybuilding; Adam Hammett; at the time a 16 year old who was an aspiring bodybuilder. Adam taught me everything I needed to get started. I started reading magazines, books, information online, and whatever i could get my hands on; then i practiced what i learned as close to perfection as possible; and i love(d) it. Lifting weights has been a wonderful part of my life since then.


161 lbs
caliper test says 7% ... most likely 9 - 10%

these pictures are of various time frames...all within the past 6 months

some of them are when i was around 165lbs...but higher bf.

im pretty serious with my weight training and aspire for a pro-card in the future... cant say how long exactly since im still figuring out my body... ive only been serious with my training for the past year, and its been with lots of ups and downs due to money, time, and such.

the gym is my church.
you will know my name.


i know i know... shut up. bodybuilding is about the human body. so shut up.


this back size and shape took me a long time to achieve; im normally a very skinny dude... my nickname in highschool was 'scrawny ronnie." i have my upper back workout posted on my blog if youre interested in my technique.


Nice work man! With the black and white pics, I thought it was an old Arnold pic from when he was a kid. Keep up the good work kid, and you never know..You could be the next Arnold in 10 yrs.


tear jerker. :slightly_smiling:


a little back definition


overall side shape




a little artsy fartsy


i know.... i already got yelled at.






I have a Hardcore bodybuilding book from the 80's and you look just like a French-Canadian Bodybuilder in there....I'll come back with that name later.

Awesome conditioning by the way though.




you guys are gonna make me fuckin cry and im a grown ass man.








kind words. thank you...your comments are appreciated. :slightly_smiling: