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Pro Bodybuilders: Improving vs Bodyweight?


So I was watching a road to the Olympia video and I think it was flex wheeler he was talking about hes going to be 5 pounds lighter this Olympia then the previous one and saying that that will just help because he’ll be leaner. Which makes me think if that’s the case then he wouldnt have gained muscle is it possible for pros to gain muscle at that point like look at the difference between Ronnie Coleman’s first Olympia and his last they barely look different IMO I think they reach they’re max before hand or at least some do and most just work on maintaining that mass or toning the muscle and making it a little more defined but I doubt they gain raw muscle mass what do you guys think?


Flex Wheeler AND Levrone at the Olympia? This year’s O is looking fucking fantastic.


He’s referring to an old video, Flex has health issues, cannot come back.


yeah no shit. All that time fighting ninjas took its toll


Ronnie Coleman didn’t look different between his first and last Olympia? Dude, this is a crazy comment… even if you mean between his first Olympia win and his last show.


With regard to flex and Ronnie back in the day, flex’s exact comments aside, you have to realize that with the spectrum of various PEDs and such that are used to bring them to the stage, the amount of water and glycogen can vary hugely over just the course of the day.

I don’t recall which year it was, but I believe jay showed up to the Olympia finals (either later that at or the next day) a good ~8 lbs lighter than at prejudging. This wasn’t a loss of fat, or even muscle, but a matter of addressing factors that play into his visual conditioning.