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pro blend 55

Whats everybody’s opinion on the quality and taste of pro-blend 55???

I actually thought the Alpine Vanilla was very good. I’m not about to replace my Low-carb Grow with it though. I tried the Chocolate and hated it (PB 55). In one of Poliquin’s Q and A’s he said he occasionally uses PB 55 when on the road, but this means he’s probably getting paid to endorse the product.

I mix half chocalate Grow with half pro blend cappuccino. It’s a nice change from plain chocalate.

Well,Poliquin has always been straight up in the past.He was recommending Pro Score 100(Champion Nurtition) when he was working for Eas. I wasn’t sure about it,but when I saw him recommend it,I decided to try it.It was fine by me.I don’t believe he’d stake his rep on 1 product.But,who knows…

I go strictly with Biotest Low Carb Grow and special blend I have made by The protein Factory-they rule!

Made me wanna throw up after taking it…

Initally I really like it. After about 2 monthes, it got really stale tasting. I hate it now. Also, how could this stuff have so much casein and milk protein in it when it is so watery. I would like it more if it was thicker.

I loved Pro score. Their choc. version is the best tasting isolate out there.

I’ve tried Problend 55 in chocolate and vanilla flavors. I think it’s good overall but taste quite sweet. Also as someone wrote, it’s quite watery for a blend. They must use something around 5-10% egg and casein protein because it would be much thicker otherwise.

My 2 cents,

The big thing Poliquin( and I) liked about Pro Score was that it contained 4 to 5 grams of glutamine per serving

We are working through some growth problems that includes using different protein manufactures and different co-packers.
I know people want to know what is our breakdown? I cannot say but I will say this 25% is not whey protein of any sort.
Taste and quality will be above reproach since I have to personally fly to the plant to over see each batch being done…The raws are also tested for each run…the final product is then sent to an independent lab for further testing…The quality is there…the tasts has had issues in the past since we would use different sources of the given protein…no we only use two sources…this will insure us getting the same taste and mixability each and everytime!

<P A free plug for the Biotest guys...Hey I own a gym and work for a manufacturer...I think Biotest products are of the highest quality...I have used about all the stuff and think it works great, but I think they would even say that other companies have good quality aswell....and as far as Charles goes he like our produt and uses it....WE PAY HIM NOTHING......We would love to have him say ours is the best, but he won't say 1 company is better than the next for money...he like the product on its own merit.


That kinda explains why I got a bad bottle. I had to bring it back to the supplement store because I was out of protein (not a short drive) and exchanged it for another bottle and that was bad too! I love the Mocha Cappuccino but that experience has made me very doubtful of the quality.

Also, did you mean that you will be switching the protein sources from 6 to 2? Regarding the breakdown, can you tell us how many grams of casein is in one serving? That’s the only part of the breakdown I’m interested in.