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Pro Blend 55

I just want to rant. I just drove out to my local supplement store to get my regular Problend 55 The mocha cuppuchino tastes awesome plus it has (at least lists) a great protein source from 6 types of protein including cesein and egg). I have gone through four bottles and went to pick up another one today cause I ran out. I got home and opened it up right away to take my hit.

The first thing I noticed was that it looked distinctively different. I thought they changed the formula or inproved on it a little bit. So I proceeded to mix it up and it all clumpy and nasty! That’s when I knew I got a bad bottle.

This makes me wonder about HDT’s quality control and if they are reputable.

I have emailed them before asking what percentage of each protein is in the 55 grams.
I got an email back from Chad Coy stating that they “can’t reveal their protein blend or other companies will try to make knock offs but it provides 4 hours of continuous feed if that helps.”

I think if any quality company wants to “copy” their product, they can do an analysis and find out themselves.

I don’t know if I should switch proteins cause I like it so much. Has anyone had any similar experiences with HDT? Are they a quality manufacturer?

I read in a previous post that Charles Poliquin uses ProBlend-55 so he must think it’s pretty decent. Maybe it’s just a bad batch.

If it has soy, dump it. I think some companies won’t list the makeup because they don’t want you to see how little of the expensive proteins are in there and how much of the crappy ones are (soy). Also read the “Protein Insider” article at T-mag if you want the real dirt on some companies. I’ll stick to Grow.

I personally don’t like HDT’s ProBlend proteins. For some reason after ingesting it I feel like I wanna throw up… I don’t know exactly what’s in it that makes me want to do that but I do know that I will never buy the ProBlend’s again.