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Pro BB's With Prodigious Bellies


I just saw an article online by Jay Gutler aka Cutler called "Gut Tenacity". Its all about well having the tenacity and gut to make it in pro bodybuilding.

Its funny the top guys have all seemed to develop prodigious bellies, so it was a funny title I thought.

Saw something about how some of the contests other then the O where BBers that are smaller but more aesthetic are winning. Seems like a move in the right direction. Fuck man a bulging six pack is almost worse then just having a fat gut.



kinda like the powerful image today... It is weird to see that huge gut being all defined. Its very unapealling to me and i wouldn't want to get it. As far as I know it is caused by overusing growth hormone (please correct if wrong)


not 100% sure, but i think it's due more to the insulin abuse. Probably a combination of that and 15,000 calories everyday.

I know little about growth hormone, but I understand it to be a great fat burner. Who knows?

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I think Cy Wilson said in his D-Tap interview that the GH can cause your intestines to growing, thereby giving you the "GH gut". That is fucked up.