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Pro Baseball Offseason Training

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here is a little training mixtape of the minor league pro baseball players i trained this off-season… we didn’t take tons of footage, but this is a glimpse of what they did…

stuff left out;

  • depth jumps
  • rfi drills
  • conditioning sprints/shuttle runs
  • more unilateral leg work ; bss, walking lunges
  • more p-chain work ; glute bridges, ghr’s
  • lots more grip work
  • lots more core work

anyway, a few results, everyone gained speed, not listing though, because sparq lasers kind of unreliable…

basically training lasted from mid november to early february, or december to late february:

Nick Arata

  • gained 5 lb.
  • broad jump from 103" to 112"
  • vert - couldnt hit vertec on 10’, ended with 122.5" touch
  • came in testing 3.8x in the 30, hit a few high 3.6x, but consistently 3.7x
  • has some of the best feet ive ever seen, DOESNT QUIT ON CORE

Adam Calderone

  • gained 12 lb. (195-207 - highest of 209)
  • broad jump from 110 to 119
  • gained 1" on vert
  • hit a 3.83 5-10-5 in camp
  • came in low 3.7x in the 30, best of 3.63, consistently 3.6x’s, 3.7x’s on bad days (hehe!)
  • set a few MSC records: fastest 10 yard (1.50s), fastest 30 yard (3.63s), best broad jump over hurdle (73"), most unexpected things ever said (but very rarely)
  • tied a record: 2 35’s pinched grip

Brad Eldered

  • he hits bombs, someone give this guy mlb playing time for god sakes… oh ya he’s an insane athlete, moves like he weighs 200, but he weighs 285… didnt really pre/post test…

Chris Lopez

  • gained 19 lb. (197 to 216 - all diesel)
  • gained 3" on vert
  • broad jump from 102 to 108
  • came in high 3.9x in the 30, hit high 3.8x a few times… actually hit a 4.3x midway through training (LOL), but then he hit his 3.8x :slight_smile:
  • set a few MSC records: 3" thickbar DL (forget the weight), best grip @ MSC by far, most number of mooning the camcorder, first guy to ever sprint with his… nevermind , totally owning 2 35’s pinched grip

James McOwen

  • gained 9 lb. (but it fluctuated alot… lost a few pounds when he farted)
  • went from 33" vert on jump mat to 37" (didnt like reaching on vertec, gained 2" on there before he stopped reaching hard)
  • broad jump from 110" to 123"
  • came in at 3.8x 30’s, hit a bunch of high 3.6x 30’s, consistently low 3.7x’s
  • set a bunch of MSC records: 9 feet MR hurdle leap, highest jump mat, highest vert on vertec, furthest broad jump, CoC #2 gripper, fastest 300 yard shuttle (6 turn - 54s), coolest squat faces ever
  • ties a record: 2 35’s pinched grip

no injuries during training.

most dedicated/hard working athletes ive trained… hardly missed any training… really pushed themselves…

2009 gonna be great,

go get it.