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Pro Athlete's One Year Transformation. Natural?

I think a better question would be: Is lifting necessary to look like his after picture? IMO, many would not have to lift much at all if any, and just get skinny to have that look.

No prob, hope it’s a better morning. Wasn’t trying to nitpick your wording, mostly referring to a lot of the news/blog headlines.

Absolutely possible, no doubt. A 22/23-year old, 6’2", 160-something pound guy can build plenty of muscle without assistance.

It’s been irking me, so I had to mention - it’s serum, not syrup. Though, super soldier syrup would make for some pretty anabolic pancakes.


I’m prertty sure that would be a niche video and NSFW.


If that’s a super soldier… I’m not impressed. What’s the guy rocking… 15" arms? I mean yeah he got super lean but he probably still 175lbs at 6’2". Very doubtful he is strong or powerful. I bet he kicks a mean ball.

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Anyone here reckon he’s figured out a way to measure himself when he’s still hot and sweaty from the gym?


For sure Vaseline.


“Some people prefer syrup, but I prefer jelly.”

Yep, that video’s been around a long while.

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I’ve noticed that some more players are putting on mass in football. Sometimes it’s for injury prevention like Salah adding some delts after his shoulder injury. I think a few years ago origi put on upper body mass whilst rehabbing a leg injury but mentioned it slowed him down. That was only 5kg but was noticeably. Milner looked ripped in pre season. You might have guessed I’m a Liverpool fan by now.

I don’t think gotretzka needs super soldier help as it’s only a couple of kg between photos.

Surprised this topic isn’t about adama traore who went away for a summer break when 17 and came back stacked. Juice may not have been needed but it was the timespan with him that brought questions.

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Dude. Chris Rock talking about an HBO special. It’s a “Tossed Salad” thing. This is already TMI, honestly. Just walk away, some things cannot be unheard.

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Backing out of room slowly…


As a football club, Bayern are traditionally known for emphasis on football specific weightlifting.

If you look at physiques of Lewandowski (who’s no spring chicken), Alaba or Suele (who’s 6’5’’ and 210 lbs) Goretzka’s supposed transformation is nothing special.

Adama Traore? Cough. Cough. Coughcough.


He got that big in one summer break! His coach didn’t recognise him when he came back. Have you seen him accelerate and push players off, my word.

He looks very small and weak compared to an American Footballer.

Well, he can run for longer than ten seconds and doesn’t need an oxygen tank between short exertions.

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What is this, E-Nation? LOL. Running distance? Why do that when you could just do sets of 10!


I was comparing actual football (soccer) favorably to handegg, the padded, helmeted, shortened, special needs relative of the great sport of rugby.

But agreed, sets of 10 are much more preferable.


My tiny, fragile sister plays rugby. That’s all I need to know about it.

American football is a great sport that rewards speed, power, and strength. I like rugby, football has a special place in my heart for the great violence involved.

Can never tell if this is a genuine comment or a joke as it’s almost a Joe Rogan meme. There was a jre podcast with a retired elite HW MMA fighter who talked about getting knocked about playing football (soccer). Straight away Joe Rogan dismisses the comment with a comparison to American footballers.