Pro Athletes... No AI? No PCT?

I’ve read somewhere John Cena has a script for deca and test and stays legal and “wholesome” lol, so I figured it’d be a good loophole for other athletes, if they could get away it anyways…idk!!

im not surprised, but again - its a show, not a sport… actors dont get drugtested for the same reasons athletes do

I love this post, because i´m actually considering a short 5 week cycle and i´ve been told that i don´t need PCT at all, or HCG with those because the guys that have done these short cycles told me they never experienced any problems at all not on their nuts, neither libido or gyno. They felt no shut downs at all, one of them even told me that he did a lot of blod works and he was fine. So i don´t know if I should follow. because it will be my first cycle

(i´m considering taking a 5 week cycle of test, primo, trenbo, and oxa with no pct at all, but i don´t know if its too much for me, or should I stick with test, primo and oxa and forget all about the tren??)

I don´t know if the tren or primo have acetate because i haven´t bought the substance yet, but i read that in order to work properly i have to run at least an 8 week cycle? or is it safe to just run them to 5 weeks?