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Pro Athlete You'd Love To Train With

It doesnt matter if he/she is dead or alive.

  1. Bill kazmaier
  2. Ronnie coleman
  3. Brock lesnar
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Fun fact - I am acquaintance’s with Brock’s high school girlfriend.

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  1. Eric Cressey* fuark thought he was a professional at a time.
    *1. Nolan Ryan
  2. Georges St. Pierre
  3. Barry Bonds
  1. Arnold
  2. Lee Labrada
    3.frank Zane

Why we doing top 3? Too many to count. Off the top of my head:

Deadlift pointers from Belkin and Woolam
Bench pointers from Sarychev
Squat pointers from Malanichev
LarryWheels and crew

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Also, some pro athletes I have trained with:

Brian Grant
Osafa Powell
Jacoby Ellsbury
Pablo Sandoval

And a few more I won’t mention for anonymity. It helps growing up next to Nike headquarters and being a fairly good athlete.


I have a pretty long list honestly…but one thing i know is that i would love to do legs with john meadows.

Very few pro athletes listed so far.

  1. Prime Mike Tyson
  2. Prime Muhammad Ali
  3. Don Rickles goading them into fighting each other

EDIT: I’d also settle on a best out of 3 match between Lyle Alzado and Dave Williams. 1 match on the ice, 1 match on the turf, and then a wildcard where they’re both in a burlap sack filled with angry wasps.


I’m a former soccer player, and a lover of the game, so would say my #1 is Pelé. Very impressed with what he accomplished, what he’s done since, and a fan of his personality.

Second and third place would be Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence. Their martial arts skills are very impressive to me.

someone had to say kai greene so i’ll do it. kai greene

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I’d pick an endurance athlete to feel like a badass. Where’s your EPO to help you now Lance Armstrong?

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Dominique Moceanu in her prime (she doesn’t know it, but we fell in love during the 96 Olympics).
Rich Froning (flame away).
It pains me to say it, but James Harrison…



I don’t think anyone here is good enough to flame him.


a whole lot of guys on these lists who aren’t pro athletes. weird.

  1. Dennis Rodman
  2. Tiger Woods
  3. Eddie Hall

I never saw/heard anything about his training but I could never come to a conclusion on whether he was the kind of guy who was insane off the court or did fuck all. It’s definitely not going to be somewhere inbetween haha

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Yeah, I have the usual doubts about CrossFit, and the average gym (box) goer who takes part in it, and I even did CF for two years a little while back. But I would not complain to have Froning’s strength, skills, or even physique.

Martins Licis
Zack McCarley

Ed Coan
Svend Karslen
Mariusz Pudzianowski

List would go on for days, obviously, but those are off the top.