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I don’t even have words for this.


I had to start you off on the most shocking of the sites.

That is both sad and disturbing

Oh my … I really don’t have the words to describe what I just saw … my vocabulary escapes me

Oh – MY GOD…that is very sad. To think that someone that size still thinks that they are too fat…


Bleh!! My girlfriend’s laying in bed next to me watching a movie and almost barfed when I opened that link. I think this girl who runs that website was just featured in Time Magazine.

Well, it’s a mental disorder.

Did any of you go to her website’s mainpage? There she look absolutely stunning, she claims she’s way too fat though!!!

She wants to be like this, reading the disclaimer, she actually gave some good advice.

Reminds me of my sister, she almost killed herself by anorexia.

I just gouged my eyes out, I was so disgusted. Made me feel physically ill.

…I think I’m gonna be impotent for the next 5 months.

Oh wait, just got back from the Ass Worship thread, everything’s A-OK.

That was seriously gross. Seriously.


are those the skeletons from your closet?

They are actually old teammates.

You know how those girls always hang out with a fat chick so they look skinny?

I should hang out with these chicks to look big!

Oh her list of “bad-foods” is, salmon!!!

Oh god!!!

From the website:

What about picking up heavy things? Didn’t find anything about that…

[quote]prophetman wrote:
Oh her list of “bad-foods” is, salmon!!!

Oh god!!!

I guess if you want to stay under 500 kcals a day, you only can eat the tail and nibble on the head anyway…

Kind of reminds me of TC and Shugs’ comments to “do the opposite”. If you changed in her commandments; “lose weight” to “be ripped and huge” it would be just the right thing for T-Nation!

I just don’t understand how they can see pain and suffering as an end in itself and being somehow “noble.” “I’m strong because I suffered.” Seems backwards to me.

Here’s one that caught my eye:
"16. You will no longer need to use contraceptives (Just watch out for STDs). "


That was an interesting read. The hate mail section was fairly interesting.

The picture on the main page is not of her, whoever said she looks good and isn’t fat - she listed her weight currently as ~200 at 5’7" because of meds.

Completely fascinating. Who is taking the fashion type pics? Who is putting makeup on these women and where are they allowed to walk the runways looking like that? It must not work too well because Victoria said she weighed 189. Some good tips:
Keep your hair in good condition so no one will suspect anything.
You will no longer need to use contraceptives (Just watch out for STDs).
There was another site called blue dragon with a girl who went from 68lb to 205 in one year, when she was 16. She is currently trying to get back under “triple digits”. Amazing

Now, while I consider gay people nuts about what they consider attractive(my opinion. I don’t hate’em…just don’t understand them), THIS IS SICK!!!
Now, at least I learned something:
59. Someone told me that if you take a pure cold bath for 15-30 min and lower your body temp, your body burns around 200 cals for every degree it has to raise itself to reach a normal body temperture. This person tried it, a 30 min bath lowered their temp about 3-4 degrees

From now on I will only take hot showers.

Funny thing is it doesn’t seem to hit her that she lost zero (or maybe a pound, then gained it back) when eating like 500 cals a day… A thinking person would say ‘hey, something’s wrong with this picture!’.