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PRK Surgery

I have pretty bad vision and I was wondering if anyone here happened to get any sort of corrective eye procedure done.

I was thinking PRK because I hear so many horror stories about Lasik going bad, or someone getting hit in the eye after and being blinded for life and I believe PRK eliminates this possibility.

Also Navy Seals won’t take you if you get Lasik, only PRK. Which is reason enough for me :-p

Any other info you guys know of?


I’ve got a thread on here talking about when I did it… lots of people chimed in too.

Anyway, be prepared for your eyes to take a while to adjust. Not everyone gets good vision right away after the surgery – the healing process takes some time.

Here’s a link to the previous laser eye surgery thread. And a link to the surgeon’s web site who did mine. There may be some useful info there for you.



thanks guys really appreciate it