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PrivateMDLabs Female Hormone Panel and E2?

So everyone recommends getting this test since it is cheaper.


In KSmans’ thread, he mentions:

[quote]For TRT, use the basic LabCorp serum E2 test or Quest Sensitive 4021x. DO NOT USE Quest ULTRASENTIVE! There are some similar issues with other testing labs as well.

DO NOT test for free estradiol
DO NOT test for total estrogens
DO NOT do Saliva testing, simply because very few people know what to do with that data. [/quote]

The test mentions “Estradiol, serum”.

Is this an adequate test considering the limitations that KSman placed? (ie, Estradiol, Serum the same thing as free estradiol, total estradiol, etc).

So basically:

  1. Is this the proper estradiol(e2) test?
  2. Also, how does it work after you order the female panel? Do you just take this to labcorp and put “male” at some point (this is what I read in a random thread, unaware of the process).

Thanks for the help.

Yes, it is the proper (Labcorp) test.

Order the female panel, check male when filing out the online order form.

“total estradiol” is simply estradiol.

Order the [labsorp] male or female panels as needed the estradiol lab will be appropriate.

With an LEF account/membership, you can order labs for different people and sexes as required. Note that there is a major sale on lab work in May and the lab orders are good for 6 months.

You go to a Labcorp location, present the paper work and that is it. With LEF, you can elect to have the lab emailed to you as a PDF.

There are different male panels. One has LH/FSH which is totally not needed while on TRT.