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Private TRT Treatment in the UK

Hi all,

Do any UK guys here use private TRT treatment, if so, what have your experiences been like?

I’m pretty much 99.9% certain I’ll go private to get thorough treatment & blood work.

@wez_man, how much did/does your treatment cost & how does your consultant’s knowledge differ from the NHS?


Currently my treatment costs around £70 per month for my prescription of Sustanon 250. extra £20 when I need Anastrazol.

Blood tests are around £150 when needed, but costs vary depending on which tests you order. I have found ‘Medichecks’ to offer the best service when it comes to service and cost.

Doctors consultation costs around £160.00 every 6 months.
Knowledge is far better than NHS doctors who quite frankly have not helped with anything at all over the years. any in many cases made things worse.

Still way behind our friends across the pond in America though in my opinion.

The better ones at least.

Thanks Wez_man, yeah my NHS experience has been very ‘fire & forget’. I am grateful I got my T tested when I did though - my free testosterone was 10% below the bottom of the range… but a few months after starting TRT, the NHS dropped the bottom of the range by 20%!!

If you don’t mind me asking, what private clinic do you use, please?