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Private Training Facility in Chicago


Our objective is to set up a simple, private training facility for folks following Mountain Athlete, Military Athlete, Sealfit, Gym Jones, RKC/Kettlebells, Brassring, Crossfit Football, Crossfit without the cult, combatives/MMA, Olympic lifting, or grip training.

A small group of us have been researching the possibility for a couple months and are ready to move forward.

We are looking for a few more individuals - who are self-directed and serious about their training - to join us.

The facility will have at most 15 committed members.

Monthly dues would approximate those of a commercial globo gym located downtown but may be able to provide reductions for military, firefighters, police officers, and other LEOs.

The facility will be a simple garage or warehouse type space with few frills but everything you need for hard, uncompromised workouts.

We are currently evaluating a number of locations in the West Loop area and along the North Milwaukee/Elston/Clybourn corridors.

Again, this will be a private facility open to little more than a dozen members. This is the perfect place for athletes who want to do their own thing and crank out max effort workouts without being bothered by classes, large groups, or traditional "health" club restrictions.

This is not a business or money-making endeavor. This is a place for like-minded athletes to come together and train hard.

If this sounds like the kind of place you would like to be a part of and you'd like to learn more, then get in touch with Marc via PM.


Here's a crazy idea: T-Nation should have a board dedicated to networking. Ie looking for gym buddies, starting up non-profit hardcore gyms, joint ventures, stuff like that. Build up the grassroots :slight_smile:


Sucks that it's in Chicago. I wish there was somewhere like that in my area.

AHA, I like that idea.



trying to get something going in my town too. It'd be nice if I could find people willing to split costs with. Quality aint cheap and cheap aint quality.



I would love to have a resource for people who have done or tried to do this kind of thing before to share their knowledge.
How did they handle, insurance, legal issues/incorporation, equipment purchases and sharing equipment, new members joining, members leaving, landlord issues etc...
There's a lot to consider when you move beyond 3 or 4 dudes working out in someone's garage to a larger rented facility with a dozen plus members.