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Private MRI? Suspected MCL Damage

I injured my leg, most likely my medial ligament, playing rugby on Saturday. Off to hospital I went, I got given an X-ray (no break) , and thrown out with a brace told to rest it and come back in 10 days for the Physio (typical NHS). At present I don’t know whether it’s a strain, sprain, torsion, tear or rupture, though I did hear a click! Can’t bend my knee or twist without lots of pain.

Not sure wether to get an MRI privately:

How important is an early diagnosis for a quick recovery?

how detrimental is 10days + wait to the recovery? (my leg is in a stiff brace that prevents movement around the knee put facilitates mild weight bearing.)

More importantly through all this period is there anything I can do diet-wise to produce an internal environment conducive to recovery?

Would a V low carb diet be good to reduce inflammation in the body in addition to saturating the body with proteins required for repair?

Would any other takes on diet help promote recovery?

Are there any sups recommended to help?

Apart from resting for the first few days - a week is it okay to do upper body work to keep in shape or will this detract from the body fixing the injury?

dude, bench yout little heart out, just do a ton of back work too.

I’d get the MRI, but in Canada we don’t have to pay for that stuff… not sure about england.

Best of luck