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Private Messages


I would like to message the mighty stu about writing me a program,how do we private message?


There are no private messages on the forum. They were removed from the site years ago, even before the switch to the new forum layout.

If you want to contact @The_Mighty_Stu, you can find his site in one of the top results when Googling “The Mighty Stu WNBF”.


Go to his website. His real name is Stu Yellin. Send him an email.

He wrote a program for the wife. Very good.


Thanks guys


Just a FYI: I got a helper pop up while replying telling me I was replying to someone too much and to take it to PM’s, or consider replying to other people…

Not sure if you’re just trying to tell me to shut up, or want to change the source code to drop the PM part.


Weird. I’ve seen that pop-up before but don’t remember the PM part. Thanks for the heads up.


It’s because image


While possible I was mistaken, I’m pretty sure it was there.

May have been wishful thinking… I was sober tho so not the booze.

lmao. agreed. I don’t understand freedom either.