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Private Lab in New York?


Forgive me if Ive missed some blatantly obvious information.

Does anyone know of a private/independent testing service in the NYC area? For the standard hormone tests, of course.

From my searching and googling there doesnt seem to be anything offered in New York. Is it a legal issue or something?

Ill go through a doctor if I have to but Id rather do this privately.

Ive read the stickied thread on testing.


I may be wrong but I think its due to certain billing laws that private labs cannot provide services in NY among other states.


Yeah that's what it seems to be.

What about fertility clinics? Does anyone know if this is a viable option?

enjoy the puns, I'm here all week...


My doctor owns the lab, all hormones are done in the building. PM me and I will give you the info. Its in NY


Here you can order online whatever you want even though you live in New York state.
Tested already and it works 100%


You sure it works in NY ?
I found this in there, "*Due to various regulations, you cannot get your specimens drawn in MA, NJ, NY, or RI."


Well I did it twice before between July and September last year but maybe they changed their policy. Just ask them whether they still offer blood work for NY residents.


Ive always wondered if you can go to a neighboring state to get it done, or if they wont even sign you up with your NY address...though I guess since its all electronic, there is no need to use a real address


If you want to go to another state use this "privatemdlabs.com" online source instead of the one I mentioned in my previous post.