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Private Forum Problem



I am sorry to write this here but this is the only place I can contact you. I can’t access anything in the forum despite that I have a subscription. How can I solve this or who can help me?


I’m having the same issue with my account.


Apparently this has happened to almost everyone. Problem is taken care of as far as I know.


Great. I saw people online so I thought I was the only one, thank you.


Have you guys been able to get back on? Mine still isn’t working.


No I still don’t have access to anything


My wife and Phil are taking care of this - we had a huge problem with a people trying to scam their way on. It’s kind of hard to explain because I don’t know all of what happened - I just wanted it to stop. So I THINK when we put up some barriers to fix this, a lot of shit changed. That’s what I’m guessing. Either that or its a problem with the new website that is being done.
This will be remedied ASAP.

My apologies.


No problem. The forum is an awesome resource. Hope the problem gets resolved quickly. Thanks again for all the training material you put out.


No problem, shit happens. Thank you for letting us know and I hope everything goes well.


I was considering getting a subscription. Should I give it a couple days before joining?


It’s maybe a really stupid question, but I’ not afraid.

The private forum is the forum on jimwendler.com?
And do I understand right, that the costs are 19.99$ 30 days and that you have to pay every 30 days? cf. here http://www.jimwendler.com/forum/showthread.php?48556-How-to-become-a-paid-subscriber ?