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Private brazilian jiu-jitsu lessons?

I would like an honest opinion from the experienced grapplers in this forum. I an new to any form of martial arts training, but I have decided to learn brazilian jiu-jitsu.

If budget was not a concern to you would you recommend private lessons over group lessons? I have heard pros and cons for both, and would like some experienced opinions here.

My goals for training are not to get a higher belt. Many of the people I speak to just want a new color belt (with new belt comes more respect), I am interested in self-defense not the color of my belt.

I can afford private lessons a few time per week with a world-class instructor (received his belt from Rolls Gracie), what are your opinions?

Thank you all for the help.


Can’t say I’ve had experience w/ privates… but if I could afford it – fuck yeah. I’d be all over that. All of the schools around here are too crowded to get really good instruction. Its still a blast to train though.

If you can afford it, you cannot go wrong with private lessons. There are so many little details that help your grappling that will take a lot longer to pick up on in groups.

That being said, make sure you do live rolling with other people at least once a week, though. You need to get used to different body types and styles.

I take private MA instruction. It’s hard to beat as there’s little downtime, no standing around or waiting on others.

I take private instruction as well. Our system is set up so you get private instruction once a week and then you can go to any group sessions you want. It works out because you can be more technical in your privates, and then work on practical application in the group sessions on people with different body types. So if you can, do both!

Group classes should be your foundation, as it’s important to get used to drilling and rolling with other people, and privates should be supplemental. I train BJJ 4 times a week, and if I could afford it, it’d be great to do 1 or 2 privates a week.

Do you train with Jacare? There aren’t that many black belts under Rolls.

Thanks for the reponses guys and yes Jacare is the instuctor.

I train in BJJ and I find privates are essential to get better.
They are best if you have a specific position or technique you are having trouble with. If, lets say, every time you try to get a triangle you get it unless the guy does X, then a private is perfect.
Anyway, I say do a private every so often to get your game up. Bring specific questions about specific situations that give you trouble.
If you hate it then just don’t do them anymore.