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Private Bodybuilding / Fitness Trackers?

Hey fellas, hope everyone here is excellent…

I’ve got a question.

Does anybody know of a Private Torrent Tracker that specialises in Bodybuilding / Strength Training / Fitness etc. etc.

I know there are one’s for MMA, Porn, Nailing hot girls, etc. etc. etc.

But is there one out there for US guys… the tonkest, henchest mofo’s on the planet?

Alright, bullshit aside, does anyone know of any one, or am I just pissing in the wind?

Thanks in advance gents,


Microsoft Excel

When one torrent will have 100 pdfs, there doesn’t really need to be a private site. Just use google and you can find almost anything.


Thanks fellas. It’s nice to have it all sat in front of you though, so you can pick and choose… you know what I mean?

You get to weed out a lot of bullshit that way and you can be more sure that the information comes from a reliable source.

But anyway… Microsoft Excel? WTF? :smiley: