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Private Blood Testing

So I’m thinking of getting a private blood test because I’m curious as to how high my testosterone levels are, post cycle (cycles over 250mg/wk for nearly 10 weeks), posting pics tommorow) I’m aiming for a TT of around 1000ng/dl, and I don’t intend to cycle again anytime soon/ possibly ever again given I probably can’t compete given the state of my joints, that and I’m extremely afraid of irreversibly damaging my heart, therefore if I can’t compete what’s the point of using, I can’t see any scenario where the benefits outweigh the risks. However I’m extremely uncomfortable about the notion of going into a private blood test, it isn’t common for people to order private bloods in Aus, so I get have this notion that whoever draws my blood will know something’s off. I’ve opted out of the new healthcare plan which allows people to access my medical records via a database, therefore doctors won’t have my bloods unless they’re specifically requesting them, however I can’t help but feel super paranoid.

Anyone have any imput that could alleviate my anxiety? Has anyone here had any complications with private bloods? What happens if testosterone levels are well over the range, I believe the ref range here cuts off at like 800-900ng/dl. I want to check a myriad of things, such as my lipids, glucose tolerance (because it always sucks), kidney function etc.

Edit: it appears I have to be eighteen for private testing in Aus, can I lie about my age or will I get caught? Do they ask for ID? In America I once lied about my age and got a private test, I was about 15 at the time.

You didn’t come this far to quit!
I know you are constantly worried about the cardiovascular issues but I sure as hell wouldn’t give up on my dreams because of it.
If you not longer want to use, I understand that, but I wouldn’t give up on competing if that’s what you truly want.
I don’t know about Aus but here nobody really cares about your blood tests.

I can only tell you how the process works here. I log into the private lab test website and select the types of tests I want from a menu of available tests and pay. Within a day or so (depending on what time of day I submit the order) I’ll get an email with a PDF attachment containing a blood test order signed by a MD that I take to a local testing lab for them to draw blood. I show the staff my order and ID and they take blood. Within 4 days I get the results (and I assume the ordering MD does as well). I never get a contact from anyone regarding the results when/if I have something come back as being ‘high’ or ‘low’, never.

Well you see it is what I want, but I’m not willing to take the health risks that are required to compete until I’ve accomplished something in my life that benefits society as a whole in a positive way. Even competing without anabolic steroids carries significant health risks, dropping down to 4 percent body fat puts a SERIOUS strain on the body, I can link to a study if you want, showcasing a guy prepping for a natural bodybuilding competition, his BP dropped into extremely hypotensive ranges (and I have hypotension without dieting), his resting pulse dropping to TWENTY FOUR beats per minute!!! TWENTY FOUR!!! It can fuck up you’re thyroid (cause hypothyroidism), among many other potential issues. So until I’ve accomplished something amazing (which I’m sure I will), I think it’s best I put off competing/high dose AAS usage for the timebeing, it’d be such a waste if I died in a year or two, given my health history who knows what’ll happen in the near future anyway.

Also the irritability that comes with the extreme dieting is not something my family would put up with lol

hmmmmm, would a fake ID work (jokes, they scan here now)… although I’m not sure they’d scan for blood testing. Funnily enough when I was younger and I wanted a fake id it was never for alcohol or to go out clubbing… It was to get into concerts or watch horror films that I couldn’t get into. Although unlike where I lived in America here in Aus they NEVER asked me to verify my age when going into the movies, buying… certain magazines or movies

I believe the ID is only to verify your identity and not your age. Since you have a physician’s order to draw and test blood I can’t see why your age would even be relevant (again, I’m only speaking for the US).

The private blood websites in Aus state that under no circumstances do they allow individuals under the age of 18 to use their services… Now I have done it before, I simply lied about my age which I didn’t feel very good about doing, however it was when I had hypogonadism, I got a private test… Came back at like 140ng/dl… That was the lowest test I ever had with regards to my testosterone, the other two were like 250 and 280. Compare that to when I was 14, 1000+ng/dl on two different occasions, didn’t touch anabolic steroids, just unfortunate circumstances I guess.

Perhaps that’s the same rules as here in the US but I’m so far past that age (unfortunately) that it never occurred to me to look. Sounds like you’re stuck for a little while until that big birthday comes around.