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Hey guys, i find this strange. There are some huge, ripped dudes in prison. How do they get like this. Yeah, Yeah i know, they work out all the time! well, only weights for the hour or so for rec, but that’s it. and the food sucks, even if it is commissary. And yeah it is possible to get roids in prison, but hard, not every one can get them. how do these dudes do it?

Great genetics!

If you had a look at the whole prison population u would see that there are people of all sizes just like in real life ,but like u said if your lucky enough and get some gear ,than prison can be one of the best places to train ,u get a few meals a day wich arnt much but if your in a cell than u arnt burning much energy so those meals are OK ,then u get let out for a break and thats when u train .Being in prison and being a pro bodybuilder are pretty much the same thing really ,minus the pussy .

Buddy of mine went to fed. lockup. No time out of his cell because of lack of workers. So he and his buddies invented ways to workout, filled plastic bags up with water and other wierd stuff. They even trade stamps that family and friends send them for food, so this guy lived on peanut butter and ham sammies without the bread. Sounds like a ketogenic diet to me.

I think people’s testosterone levels would skyrocket in jail. They’re up against a TON of competition, basically trying to survive. I read this book called Monster by a former LA gang member, and at like age 20 and a couple years of training he had a 470 lb bench and 21 inch guns. I think all the male competition would jack up people’s T levels.

paperstrol, paperbol, paperdrol…

A lot of what these guys do goes against the current theories of “over training” and rest etc. I remember duchaine wrote something about prisoners lifting every single chance they got, meaning every day. As a matter of fact, there is this dude who JUST got out of federal prison (I think he has spent a good portion of his life there judging by the skin art) who in now lifting at my gym and I don’t think a day has gone by that i haven’t seen him bench and curl! Maybe I’ll get the gumption to to ask him what he’s doing. Aside from the tatts, a med student would kill to get his cadaver.

You sure as hell wouldn’t wanna grow bitch tits in the joint…!