Prisoners Getting Jacked

Hey guys, im really curious as to how prisoners get so jacked.

Dat dere Hyphy Mud mane.

Could be a lot of things. Access to anabolics, time to train, motivation to train (if someone’s gonna be the bitch in prison it won’t be you), BBC genetics, or maybe movies and Kali Muscle have given you that false impression.


Definitely agree with the false impression statement.

How many prisons have you been to Duke, and actually saw all the jacked inmates? I’m betting you saw most of your prisoners in movies and shows that give the false impression.

It may also be a bit of muscle memory. A lot of criminals are pretty fit and strong. Once inside they can get pumped up again pretty quick.

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You can get gainz better outside of prison though, so don’t get any funny ideas mate :joy:


I work with an ex con in the gym (he’s a pt now) he just states that when you literally have nothing else to do you may as well do as many push ups & sit ups to pass the time & If you use the gym in prisons you get time out of your cell so It’s just more beneficial to go and do it


Worth the risk mane. See y’all on the inside

probably that, although i do know of some people that have gone to prison and came out jacked but otherwise that i havent been to one haha.

Lol i wasnt uh even considering it in the slightest :wink::joy:

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Just out of jail Victor Martinez disapproves

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