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Prisoner#22 pre-competition pics -(3weeks out)


So here are the pics I took today, I know I have a lot of work to do on my posing, and I'll apoligize for the lighting in some of them but we took these in the tanning room at the gym and some didn't have a flash on. I am posting this on the steroid forum instead of the picture forum because this is were most of the bros that I know and know me hang most. P-22


looking pretty fucking ripped bro! i cant wait to see you in three weeks.


ps. thats one of the most round shoulders ive ever seen. great symmetry!


Pre competition huh?! Damn p-22 what's your current bf % you look pretty shredded already? BTW sick pecs.


Shit, P-22 looking good...killer looking chest development,all around solid shape...Good luck!!


heres a front most muscular - i'll get as many of these up before I answer any questions


side tricept


Back double Bicept - I look a little top heavy in this one because of camera tilt


oh shit now im really impressed!

what are your stats at the moment?


Most muscular


front double bicept - I need to work on getting my arms up a little higher for this pose...


Damn bro awsome job. Not only do you know your shit but you look the role as well. Not many people(that i have seen) can say that. What are your stats anyways?


back latspread


Wow. Color me impressed.


damn bro, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiipped. nice to see you got some pics up, lookin good. gonna post some stage shots too?


My current stats: 6'0- 210-205
(I am small boned)
arms 17.5-18 cold
Chest 51"
legs 27"
calves 17"
waist 31-32 inches

last bodyfat test was 6%ish like a week ago, am just waiting for my dam glutes to get ripped up right now

Gym numbers:

Squat: 405 - 8 reps ass to the ground without any gear at all

Deadlifts: 6 plates a side for one rep off the ground- no gear just wrist straps

Bench: Most I have done was 300 for 10 reps before my elbow injury, I now keep it to either 225 for slow reps or 255 the most.

hope to put on more mass after this contest and then get ready for the provincials in June


I will post the stage shots when I get them


You're right dude,
you don't need T3!

Kickass job, I'm wondering how you train your legs; do you do mainly front squats or back squats?

What freq do you deadlift?


Sensational shape, mass and definition. Not much more to say than that. Oh yeah, what colour is green, you bastard? :).


I am through training quads until after the competition because I feel anymore hard training will just wash out the definition- all I am just training is hams, and calves-

My regular leg routine however takes 2 days.


Back Squats - a typical day will go like this:

bar x ten
plate x ten
2 plate x ten
3 plate x ten
3.5 plate x ten
(if I am feeling strong I up the weight from here and do another set or two
then I do a slow set with 2 plates again
(all ass to the ground - no gear)

Dead lifts - every second week

start with 2 plates and work up to 5 for 10 reps off the ground
If I am feeling up to it I push higher for less reps

Leg extentions

-I do each leg individually doing 10-15 reps with a moderately heavy weight - sometimes the entire stack.
-usually do 3-4 sets

Day 2- Hams and calves

usually start with straight-leg deadlifts

plate x10
2 plate x 10
3 plate x 10
4 plate x 10
4 plate x 10
4 plate x 10

seated ham curls 3 sets

lying individual ham curls 3 sets

sometimes finish with reverse situps on an ab board - using my hams to lift my body up -frank Zane style.


seated calves

4 sets
sometimes strip the weight - 10 reps at 6 plates, 10 @ 5- all the way to one
-form is my to priority, I stop at the bottom and then smoothly contract to the top, holding in the flexed position for about 3-4 seconds each rep.

Standing individual calve raises:
4 sets with a lighter weight done slowly

Note for me with legs form is key. Every movement is done slowly and smoothly - no jerking, as I am very paranoid of injury, and like to feel my muscles contract.