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Prison Powerlifting Video



Thats awesome! wheres the deadlift!!??


Seriously awesome, great post man. Some monsters in there, makes me wanna go to prison!

(Not really)


Wow that's cool to see. It makes sense though, prisons usually have exercise yards and weights, why not powewrlifting meets. I wish it showed the deadlift too.


Saw this just as I'm about to leave the door to workout. Inspirational.


i guess they are the ones on top


i find it ironic that you have to go to prison to find an actual hardcore gym. i think it would be more appropriate if they were forced to lift in a gym like planet fitness since it's really supposed to be punishment when you go to prison.


Great vid, thanks for sharing that.

And to think, these dudes are getting beastly as all hell without the latest, greatest wizz-bang supplement, and I'm sure the food is shitty too.


So true. I wish more people could see this video. It really shows the value of hard work.


Video was fucking awesome. Shame they didn't show the deadlift portion.


Where are all the white guys that you usually see at powerlifting comps??

I kid, very inspirational knowing that these guys are putting up big numbers with the very little they have to work with in equipment and dietary concerns.


They have a power rack and round plates. That beats my school's rec center lol.

But still yeah, amazing. I bet their cortisol levels are jacked 24/7 trying not to get shanked too.