Prison Meal Portions in the US?

I’m interested in this…It doesn’t matter if you were a prisoner or a guard or any staff involved in a prison.

Can anyone tell me a day’s diet in a US prison? I’m not interested in any other countries for this question, just the US.

I’m looking for foods involved, rough portion sizes, weight if poss(estimate) or if you can’t estimate maybe say the potatoes were about the size of your fist and the meat the palm of your hand etc.

I ask because the prison training and diet pretty much disproves the bodybuilding magazine and supplement industry. Also, it must be difficult or near impossible to obtain and use steroids in a US prison regularly.

They have what 1hr a day to train? they train heavy, consistently(for survival) but eat normal meals, very little protein and a LOT of men in US prisons are heavily muscled.

Discuss the second part if you like but I’m really just wanting to know exactly WHAT they eat in US prisons only.

There is a 2 part article around here somewhere that talks about how inmates get extra food and ever protein powder in the joint.

point taken.

If I’m not mistaken, most prisons allow care packages and have a commissary where more food stuffs are available. As far as meals and portions, I’m sure a google search could turn something up (it just may take a while).

I heard that yes, some get extra but let’s say that’s the few. I mean are these guys being brought in protein shakes 3 times a day every day in between meals? I highly doubt it.

Maybe SOME are getting extra food or taking it from others but still, their protein and over all calories cannot be high.

As for saying they are sedentary 23 hrs a day, many work out a lot in their cells too with free squats and various bodyweight exercises as well as their time in the yard/gym.

There are just too many heavily muscled monsters in US prisons to say that they are being given extra food.

Of course I’m only going by TV documentaries but I consistently see groups of huge guys in diferent US prisons in different states. Why are they so big and/or muscular if all they do is train and not eat enough, not use steroids and not use supplements? (and if they do it’s a bit here a bit there, not like free men training).

I have a buddy in the National Guard who works in a jail. If you like I could ask him but its gonna be a week before I see him. Hopefully you find what your looking for before then

Well if you ever bring up the subject with him, I’d be interested to know. Thanks!

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The food is atrocious and if you don’t buy from the commissary, you will either starve or die from frustration. While in the chow hall, if someone asked you to pass the flavor, that meant pass the salt. It’s not healthy, tasty, or palatable. The quantity of it is low, from statistics you can feed an inmate on $1 a day. Protein powders are a part of the underground economy, and as such are very expensive. I remember seeing really shitty protein bars available at the store, but tasted horrible.

Basically money talks, and that goes for just about everything. If you have the money and are willing to pay, you can get alot of things while locked up. It is common to see guys with Ipods and cell phones while walking the yard.

As far as time working out, lower level facilities have more free movement and more yard time. Without question, weights are the #1 preferred method of activity. Guys lift often, and because it is viewed as being important and a measure of respect, they take it very seriously. The guy with the biggest bench is most often one of the most respected guys in the whole prison. One thing that I did notice, is that you don’t have the haterism you see in most gyms. Guys are more encouraging and supportive (within your own group), there is a much bigger sense if comradry among guys you lift with.

The article focuses more on the financial aspect, rather than nutritional details. But it does say they aim for a minimum of 2,900 calories per day, per inmate.

Also remember that with the exception of the federal bureau of prisons and the privately run facilities, most jails and prisons are subject to the state and or local government’s budget and review process.

So there could be some great variances amongst the diets/calories/food choices available.

There may also be some government regulatory agency that sets minimum standards for facilities to qualify as correctional institutions, etc…

Google searching something like that might provide a broader scope of information.