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Prison Lifting


I read the article ''prison lifting'' or something and I dont recall it saying anything about how people in prison get so big when they keep the same program. Can someone elaborate on this please?


They lift weights and eat food.


Here it comes.


REALLY!?!?!?! I meant why is it that they lift with the same routine, but still make gains?


Uh, I make gains and I doubt I follow your routine. You mean, lifting weights and eating isn't enough?


sarcasm/ Umm, no you have to spend thousands of dollars on questionable supplements each month and do all you body weight exercises on a swiss ball, eating "food" and lifting "weights" has nothing to do with it. /sarcasm

Seriously, most of those guys probally have alot of time to recover and eat to build on the gains they make while lifting. What I got from the article was that the guys who worked out in prision were really dedicated. It took something on order of a natural disaster to keep them from lifting.


OMG, I am simply asking why is it that people in prison get so beastly off f doing the same routine day after day??? How dont you get that?


OMG, what I don't get is how you think someone needs different routines day after day to grow. I haven't changed my routine in quite a while.


They just do.


Muscle building... what hes trying to say is that lifting and eating is all you need. You lift, you give your body stimulus to grow, you eat, you give your body something to fuel it with, you eat more, you'll put on weight.

Lifting with the same program for a year isnt the optimal way to get big, but it is possible. Plus, some of those guys in there have been in there for a long ass time, dedication can do alot.


Dude, you answered your own question in the opening post.

They continue to make gains on the same program and diet because drum roll it isnt necessary to change programs frequently.

Did you think there was any other reason? Other than the obvious?

Seriously though, I used to the biggest sucker for "scientific" diets and training programs. Long story short, it took me years to realize that those whom I used to look down upon (even though they were making better gains than me)because they ate and trained unscienticly, actually knew more than I did.

Its a hard reality to accept, especially after you've commited so much to one belief system.

I dont want to be a dick, but put aside everything you think you knew, start making your own observations and coming to your own conclusions.

You'll be that much better off for it.


I think it is simply more self satisfying for some people to look down on anyone in the gym who is bigger than them and blame it on "genetics" or "drugs". It is never that the person simply works harder and smarter than them with more consistency.

No one cares what your IQ is in the gym.


"but what about 'shocking' the muscle into growing? isn't that how you build muscle?"



There are many threads on this, and three articles in the last three weeks. Use the "search" button.


maybe i missed this but who says they keep the same lifting routines day in day out? i read that they swap info, share ideas, etc.... they probably try all kinds of different shit.


Not being an asshole but if I used the following program in and out, could I use it for..ever?

Mon/Wed/Fri or Mon/Thurs.?

Bench 5x5
Chins 5x5
Clean and Press 5x5
Deadlift 5x5
Barbell Srugs 5x5
Barbell Curl 3x5
Skull Crushers 3X5

Just wondering...


There are some basic tried and true things that work.

As much as some people suffer from a lack of good knowledge I think there others who over intellectualize an activity that is as much about just getting in there and doing it as anything else. Some need to be less cerebral and more physical.


Yes, you can use that program forever.


It's called the principle of progressive overload. Which means you must keep demanding more from your muscles each session. If you use the same weight, same reps and keep the same workout then stagnation is inevitable. This is the most fundamental principle in bodybuilding or any strength sport for that matter. So as long as these guys are upping the weight each workout their muscles will continue to grow because more stress is placed on the muscle than the previous week. Eventually you get to a certain point where the gains will cease and you will only maintain but by then you'll be huge and probably moving 600+ lbs on the major 3 lifts. It will work and the process is slower than most training programs but it isn't like these guys have a whole lot else to do.


there is no one set rep scheme/loading pattern and program that anyone can use indefinitely.

short answer: no you cannot use that program forever.