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Prison Break


Anyone watching this show. It's damn Good! Very intense!


I'm watching it. I like it, but I don't see any longevity for it.


The show is good, but don't see a second season. Either Scofield and Burrows escape this season, or viewers will be disappointed. And if they do escape, that's the end of the plot.
Why can't FOX show any of their series without interruption? Hard to stay interested when they keep pre-empting with baseball, idol, etc.


Definately watching it. But it is kinda of like "OZ lite". I miss OZ on HBO. IF you can put aside the overt "manlove" scenes, it had a great story behind it.


I agree.. what are they going to do for season 2.. it's like what's happened to Desperate Housewives and Nip/Tuck....

It's a badass tattoo scolfield has though!


I finally caught up w/ a cpl the episodes I missed.It's good, but further than 1 season I don't see
it happening.

Other than prison break, I don't ever remember the main 2 characters ever being in any series/movies.Does anyone know what else they were in? pre- Prison Break

Atleast it isn't reality T.V.


The brother that scofield is trying to break out. he weas Drake in Blade Trinity.....


Scofield (Wentworth Miller) was in

Stealth - EDI
Underworld - Dr. Adam Lockwood
The Human Stain - Young Colman Silk

Burrows (Dominic Purcell)

Blade Trinity - Drake
3-way - Lew
Mission Impossible 2 - Ulrich

According to IMDB.com


I've been watching it, but I've missed a few episodes. A friend reminded me to catch the one last night. It has been intense. I've been surprised by some of the scenes they've shown.

Michael's resourcefulness and calmness is a good standard for T-men.


Yeah, I totally like it.

Though, I haven't seen him get as much utility from his tattoo as I would have thought.

And the doctor and the lawyer are both total babes.


Dominic Purcell was in John Doe, it was on fox and didn't make it past the first season.


John Doe was the shit, I was pissed when Fox cancelled it. They have a habit of cancelling cool shows.

Wentworth (Scofield) was also in Joan of Arcadia for a couple episodes, as kind of the "other" side. Not that I watched that show. Seriously, stop looking at me like that!


I think next year they will all join up with Mr. T in a black & red van and go around helping people. Fugatives from the law! Ha! Season 2 is going to rule!


It's pretty cool, I just think they're dragging it a bit.